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From daring body conscious dresses to maxis in prints that pop, we’re putting curves front and center with new fashions to wear wherever the night may take you.

You’ve always counted on SWAK Designs to bring you comfortable and trendy basics, but SWAK has channeled its sexy side, and the party has just begun; Size Appeal has arrived. SWAK is thrilled to relaunch this nightlife brand that’s strong, sexy and ready for trouble.

When it comes to dressing up and channeling your inner seductress, we know you need styles that meet your expectations. You want to look sexy, you want to feel sultry, you want to be noticed. Well your options have just expanded with Size Appeal.

You want major style to match your personality and outlook on life, right?
We want to give you that, and that’s why we’ve created a plus size club wear line that goes from 1X to 6X. Nightlife should be fun, freeing and make you feel fabulous. When it comes to clothes, we believe you should always have awesome options, no matter what your size, style or walk of life.

Size Appeal offers an array of exciting and attractive garments that are lush and just naughty enough. When you hit the town, you want to feel confident and your wardrobe should prepare you to conquer the night.

Let your hair down in any of these skintight and alluring options. Use these styles to communicate what you want…

Need just a little spice in your life?
Unabashedly show off that décolletage and kick things up a notch? Don’t be shy and show off those voluptuous curves!

Now shop with freedom and wear with caution… we don’t want to get you in too much trouble.