Sneak Peak Into Our Newest Lookbook!!

By:Mary D

Sneak Peak Into Our Newest Lookbook!!

We went on a little adventure to Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita, CA for our latest photo shoot.  First off, this location is magical.  We drove up and spotted these rock formations that seemed to be out of a movie set but are, really, natural rock formations.  These slated rocks allowed us to take the coolest photos for our newest arrivals at SWAK. We hiked, climbed, and crawled to get these amazing shots just for you! 

In this photo shoot, we have mod looks, we have shorts, we have our fan favorite Eternity Maxi Dresses, and more!  Here is a sneak peak of our latest shoot! Enjoy :)

Summer Chiffon Plus Size TopSommer is wearing our Summer Chiffon Plus Size Tank in yellow.  

Tatiana Eyelet Plus Size TopRayna is rocking our Tatiana Eyelet Plus Size Top and our new Holly High Waist Plus Size Jeans.

Rayne In Lois Plus Size DressRayna is relaxing in our Lois Plus Size Maxi Dress

eternity plus size dress

Sommer is wearing our Eternity Convertible Duo Plus Size Maxi Dress.

sommer plus size pretty cami

Sommer is looking fierce in our Lime Pretty Plus Size Cami and the Holly High Waist Plus Size Jeans

rayna plus size shorts

Rayna is modeling our Summer Chiffon Plus Size Tank in Purple Dragonfly and our Sharon Plus Size Denim Shorts  (which are to die for!).

Check out our newest lookbook now!



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