3 Curvy Girl Resolutions to make in 2017

Let's cut to the chase (because I know your newsfeed has been inundated with NYE Resolution articles) - It's that time of the year!! New year. New resolutions. New you. I personally love to make goals (it's one of my favorite things), but the process itself can feel super overwhelming…WHERE DO I START!?! I hear y'all saying. This year I challenge you to throw the "cliché" resolutions out the window and choose to change your state of mind.


WOAH…that's a tall order, right!?! I get it. It sounds like I am asking too much, but think about it for a second. Your path is fundamentally different. When you stop judging others and stop comparing yourself - your path becomes clear. Personal story- I have two Facebook accounts- a personal account and a networking account. A couple nights ago, as I was lying in bed, I looked at my personal account. OMG, I gasped. My husband didn't know what I was looking at, but he obviously had an inkling because he said "How many people are pregnant?" There were nine announcements. I'm happy for those friends (Congrats y'all), I really am. But I am at a weird place in my life, where I am hyper focused on my career, and children seem like a far off dream.  So when I see pictures of these happy families, I question my personal progress. Is that fair? No. Is it human? Totally. So like me, I suggest you limit your exposure to situations that leave you feeling inadequate. Your path is different than mine. My path is different than my peers. Let's embrace this.


I'm too old to have a role model. Hold up! Girl! We all need role models. In fact, you probably already have a few…you just don't realize it. The bloggers, brands and influencers you follow, on social media, have attributes you admire. Surround yourself with a community of women you respect. Just like joy, attitudes can be contagious. And seriously, what's the worst that could happen? You love yourself more? Doesn't sound horrible to me. Too often I hear "I wish I was as confident as you" and "I wish I could wear that"-Um you can. The only difference between you and I is that I've consciously enclosed myself in the plus size community. It's that simple- follow SWAK Designs, join a body positive group, and engage with your local blogger.


Since a very young age, I've felt a certain urgency to live the fullest life I can. To take chances. To fail. To succeed. I want to live a life that, when it's over, I feel no regrets. I've forgiven. I've loved. I've laughed. I've cried. A life where my happiness wasn't an afterthought. This is the life you deserve. Don't be a wallflower. Don't just observe. Participate. Life is short. Invest if your happiness. Invest in your confidence. Not sure where to start?! I believe self-love starts with fashion. (WHAT!) I know, it sounds crazy. What a radical belief! And it might be. I know, society has programmed us to believe we have to fit into those jeans to be worthy of love. That our self-esteem should be measured by the number on the scale. I think society is wrong. I believe by fitting into those trendy jeans, you build your confidence which affirms your worth and allows you to live. Live for today, not tomorrow, next year or ten pounds thinner than now.

Are you making resolutions this year? What goals do you have? Will you try these goals?


 Be confidently curvy, Amanda

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December 29, 2016

Your no# 1,2 ok and three was right on for me. How did you know. I do have some work to do. Happy New Year.

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