Disney Bounding

If you're a Disney lover (and who isn't?) you may or may not have heard of Disney Bounding.  The trend originated in 2010 and is where everyday style is worn to interpret or mimic your favorite Disney character.  So, if you're in love with Elsa... it's all blue for you and a LONG blonde braid.  Into Ariel?  Don a purple top and green bottoms, and BAM!  you're a mermaid.  We adore the trend and can't help but have fun every now and then when putting together outfits.  It's refreshing to use so much creativity and get to have some imagination beyond the typical outfit.  Plus, fashion isn't to be taken SO seriously!

It's often that curvy women limit themselves to the "rules" set before them, from grade school teasing or parental controls, but this is a perfect example of when you should ditch the preconceived ideas and just enjoy your life!!! Plus size women can absolutely join in on the trend, it's just about finding the right components to comprise the look you desire!  For Halloween we stumbled upon the PERFECT Snow White with a simple yellow top and blue jeggings.   Last week, as we shot a new video for our YouTube that is all about COLOR, we giggled over Rayna's accidental Esmeralda.  With our new Lynn Cold Shouldered Top in Teal and Demi Hankerkchief Skirt in Purple, this look was simple to achieve and would be MORE than comfy for a day at the theme park or anywhere else life may take you!

Take a peek at some of the fab Disney Bounding going on and keep an eye out the next time you're at the Magic Kingdom.  Not a passholder or live far from the happiest place on earth?  Search the hashtag #disneybounding on Instagram for fashion fun.  If Instagram isn't your thing check out BuzzFeed's comprehensive round up from a few years back!

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    Will this outfit EVER come back in? I’ve been waiting/wanting the Esmeralda outfit for awhile.

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