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Transitioning your Winter Wardrobe

by Morgan Kairey January 05, 2015

With February right around the corner, here are our tips for revitalizing last year's spring looks and transitioning your winter wardrobe.  With weather fluctuations and nation wide StormWatch still, it's tough to imagine sunny days ahead but it's imperative to plan for them!  Here is our advice for maximizing what you have, figuring out what you need and getting what you want!  

1. Brighten up, buttercup!
It’s almost time to paint your closet with color again. Spread those hangers out and dig deep to find your spring/summer clothes from last year. There are still pieces from last season that will work again for this one! Start with accessories like scarves, hats, tights, and shoes, and work your way up to wardrobe staples, tops, bottoms, and dresses.

Accessories:  Adding just a pop reminds us that flowers are blooming all around. Scarves and spunky jewelry will instantly cheer up outfits, making them ready to show off and up for the new season. Winter is all about those deep hues of brown and plum but once the sun starts smiling down again, it’s time to mix it up with strawberry colored handbags and tangerine head wraps. Go ahead and swipe on that gorgeous shade of orchid lipstick and slip into your hot pink wedges. It’s time to hit the runway.

Staples, tops, bottoms, and dresses:  In addition to those teeny tiny pops of color, make sure you have some stand out pieces to make a real statement in. We’re talking about bright coral cami’s and baby blue skinnies. Our plus size Audrey Lace Tank in bold magenta is perfect with light wash jeans. Tops and bottoms totally covered in color are ready to bring you right into the warm breezes of sunshine season. Color is the key to kicking that wardrobe into high gear for spring and summer, so color it happy.

2. We think we spot a print pattern…
Spice up your life and closet with unique prints that pop. Our Beth Maxi dress or even our Adrienne Peplum Tank hone in on this trend to a t. Prints that you wore last season can work all year round when paired with other colors and seasonally appropriate accessories and textures. Make an entrance in something out of your box and dare to wear something other than your regular solid. The great thing about prints is that they can travel from outfit to outfit without wearing out or looking overdone! Wear the same printed Rowen Chiffon Cardigan over skinny jeans on Monday, wear it over our Joan Maxi for your Thursday get together, and again for Sunday brunch with your Classic V-Neck dress in white! Prints can have a completely different feel with simple accessory changes or by adding fun layers. Add a floppy hat one day and try it out with booties and bracelets for another. Another fab thing about prints is the variety of colors prints add to your outfit. You can mix up your makeup depending on your mood, and match the print with different lip glosses and shadows as well as bottoms, tops, or dresses!

3. Going with the flow
Keep your eye out for pieces that give you some room to move around. There’s nothing worse than tight fabric on a hot day. Pretty   plus size blouses  and flowy palazzo pants are wonderful.  Ladies rave about how easy breezy it feels to move around in our California Maxi or Classic Jersey Pants, both are ideal for hotter days when you're out and about.  The great thing about   comfortable plus size clothing  is that it's great for layering and also stays on trend throughout the year.  Loose clothing also works to hide problem areas and allows you to be free and comfy no matter what!

4. Upgrade
Life is supposed to be better when the sun comes out! Celebrate each day and play some big girl dress up. This might mean adding a few things into your already fabulous collection. You’ll make your warm-weather style decisions worlds easier! Incorporating a dress like our   Beth Maxi  or our gorgeous   Anya  into your wardrobe for a sophisticated and playful look. Funky leggings and printed plus size  palazzo pants like Gina or Laurel are also great options! Add in things that are fresh and a little different. It’s really nice to have a few new things to look forward to wearing. Sometimes when we spend our days drinking the same coffee and wearing the same styles and shade of lipstick, we are putting ourselves in a comfort box instead of having fun! Life should be an adventure and sometimes adventures call for new gear!

5. Clean it out
It’s good to simplify. Now that you’ve added some items to your wardrobe, it’s probably time to get rid of some also. If you’ve had leggings for a couple of years and they seem pretty worn, donate them or toss them. Our   plus size leggings  are affordable and new ones look a little better than ones that are wearing out from lots of wear. It’s okay to get rid of tops you haven’t worn in months because it’s not likely that you’ll start wearing them later, let them go and find someone who needs them. If you haven't worn something in the last six months, chances are you won’t love them in the next six months. Those jeans you haven’t worn in a couple of years? Do yourself a favor and donate them. It’s okay to part with your once beloved staples; free yourself from too much clutter and make it easier on yourself and your day to day outfits.

6. Layer up 

Transition usually implies a movement that’s gradual. We know that some of your winters are a little longer and pretty unpredictable. Layers are super trendy and show you put something together with effort! Make sure you have staple cardigans and shrugs to keep yourself warm for springtime chill or cool summer evenings.  It’s better to have layers to take off than none to put back on if you’re freezing!  Try layering our Olivia Cardigan over your favorite tops for added coverage and simple style.  Layers work with jeans, palazzos, dresses, and skirts.  Our  plus size chiffon cardigans add polish and a chic touch to any outfit.  When you are loving our sleeveless  Rachel Jumpsuit but you'd rather cover up a little, slip into a layer like  Amber for an easy fix. If you feel like spicing it up a little, go ahead and throw on the chiffon.

We hope these tips are helpful and want to know what you think about transitioning your winter style?  Ready? Apprehensive? Hopeful?  We want to know!

Morgan Kairey
Morgan Kairey

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