Ways to Wear a Wintertime Maxi


Ways to Wear a Wintertime Maxi

Every woman can work a maxi. They are totally easy-breezy and completely feminine. They have a certain softness to them that's delicate enough to spunk up, dress down, glitz and glam around, or keep as is. Maxis are not three-season-only staples. They bring romance to spring, airy flow to summer, a little warmth for fall, and optimism to the frigid months of winter. Year-round, you can wear a maxi skirt and create looks that are seasonally appropriate and figure-adorning. If you're feeling a little stuck, come back to this and grab a little inspiration from the looks we've put together. That's what we're here for.

Moonlit dinner date: For Rayna's dramatic crimson look, we put her into our black California Maxi skirt and pulled it up high and over her chest. Voila! The skirt becomes a dress instantly. Our Knit Fringe Poncho in a gorgeous scarlet color looks breathtaking against Rayna's winter skin. By adding a thin belt like the one she has on, her gorgeous waist is defined and the look becomes a bit more sophisticated.

Morning at the Museum: For a morning at the art gallery or science center, wrap a cute little scarf in your hair like Rayna did here. This is playful and works great with the skirt pulled up high. The empire waist creates a super girly silhouette that contrasts well with the rolled up sleeves of this plus size denim jacket. Overall, this look is warm, cozy and perfect for afternoon outings with your friends or little ones.

Market Stroll: What's stopping you from dressing up a little, even if it's just to make your weekly grocery trip? Nada. Go ahead and put yourself together because it's fun and you know you'll run into somebody and even if you don't, every day is a special occasion and should be treated as such, right?! Slip on our black California again, this time tucking in a plus size black Perfect Camisole and layering a Thea Cardigan over them both. We think this looks stunning because of the way this chiffon lays gently over the maxi without causing much fuss.

Laughter at lunch: When you get together with your friends or colleagues for lunch, it's nice to be comfy and a little bit dressed up. This look is both of these things and perfect for afternoon tea and sandwiches. We put Rayna back into the grey Justine top tucked into the black California maxi. We actually took the bottom of the maxi and tucked it into the waistband to create a funky slant up the front for something different. Over the Justine we put Rayna into our plus size Reese Knit Vest. Vests add a little spunk to any outfit.

Fireside Cocoa: This was one of our favorite looks of the shoot. The rich coloring of both this California Maxi and the Alicia Top work wonders for each other. The colors remind us of swirling hot chocolate and hot, crackling fire. We had the maxi rolled up a few times to create a midi style skirt to show off the booties underneath. The colors of the Alicia top work with all skin tones and hair colors. There is so much warmth in the chocolate brown, teals, and purples, and the print is such a stand out. By rolling up maxi skirts and creating that midi style, you can slip into your favorite winter boots without them looking clunky or heavy in contrast to what's up top.

Afternoon Reunion: Pull the brown California up again to make the skirt a dress. This way we could put the Britney Shrug directly over it. We love the leopard! Put any shrug or cardigan over these maxi skirts or dresses and create something super adorable. Throw on a headband for this look and you have the perfect outfit for reuniting with old friends or family.

You probably get it now. Maxis work all year long and are literally as easy as jeans are to style around. They create looks from daytime casual to date night gorgeous and everything in between. They can be rolled up, hiked up, tied up, and even tucked in.

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