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Plus Size Body Con Basics

by Morgan Kairey March 27, 2015

plus size body con

Have you been there? We all have! Putting together an outfit is a challenge, but it can be fun instead of infuriating. Here's the deal: you can do it with just a little planning and the right core pieces! There are outfit combinations that work together no matter what. One key to this is having wardrobe essentials available for your use. A great LBD, the perfect pair of skinnies, cardigans you can count on and a leather jacket for a night out. For some a key piece might be a high-waisted skirt or a great blazer, one of our must haves here at SWAK is our Mara Plus Size BodyCon Maxi Dress. Read on to discover how Mara can be the style center of a few different looks created with key SWAK pieces.

One great idea is to pair Mara with a plus size button-down cardigan like our Bethany or Vivian. These cardigans are fitted and cropped so they really define your waistline. They are also super soft and add a festive touch to your outfits with their whimsical floral prints. Button downs are so versatile and timeless! As you work on collecting the right pieces for your closet, take inventory of what you have, what you need and figure out how they can work together. Button up the middle buttons to create a flattering silhouette for the office. Leaving the bottom and top open draw the eyes up and give your hips some room to wiggle. Next time you are a little stressed about putting something together, remember to layer up! Layered pieces are always trendy and chances are you have plenty of layers to work with. If not, we've got you covered!

For our second look, we paired Mara with a poncho that we belted at the waist. We've got our Knit Fringe and our Hooded Poncho marked down quite a bit right now. Ponchos are cozy and perfect over a tighter fitted dresses like this one. The bulk up top balances out the outfit. Wrap a belt around your waist and slip into some flats and your look is complete!

As you do your holiday shopping keep our tips in mind and begin to invest in garments that cultivate your closet. Impulse buys can be distracting (whilst entertaining), but when you are focused on the wardrobe your want it makes having the will power to wait for those key pieces worth it! Want some more Mara? Check out our plus size style tips on YouTube!
Morgan Kairey
Morgan Kairey

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