7 Winter Trends for the Curvy Girl


7 Winter Trends for the Curvy Girl

1. Belting in your waist is hot, hot, hot, this season! It’s time to show off that figure. Ditch the basic look and spice it up with funky colors and a mixture of textures. Belts come in all shapes and sizes. They create go-to looks time and again.

2. Embrace fabulous fashion this season. Wrap yourself up in chunky plus size knits and luxe plus size ponchos! They go with and over everything. To balance out your gorgeous silhouette, choose bottoms that are slim fit. Get a little boho-glam with a fringed poncho like ours, or belt that baby up and give it some definition.

 3. All over the runway we spotted detailed pieces with divine crocheting and stunning bead-work. This is so in style; there's nothing like a little sparkle to freshen up a top or dress. Try our entire holiday collection of glitz and glamorous dresses that are perfect for any festive occasion. Our plus size Sweetie Embelished Top is perfect with jeans or maxi skirts. Hand beaded pieces and stunning embroidery will keep you sophisticated and classy through the entire season.

4. A perfectly fitted pair of plus size skinny jeans is so important right now. These are a girl’s best friend during the winter season! Skinnies go with almost every shoe and balance out proportions when paired with slouchy tops like our Phyllis. Try our Zoe Jeggings for a different feel and make sure you have lots of options. As you choose different cuts and washes, select pieces that work with what you already have.

5. Go crazy for tights! You can find sheer tights to slip under pencil skirts or party dresses, or you can go for opaque ones for more coverage. Tights with a vertical back seam draw eyes up, and away from problem areas. Footless tights are nice with ballet flats, and fishnets are sexy under skater skirts or plus size dresses like our Joyce. Also, pick out a few colored tights to add a little fun to your collection because you’ll be surprised how nice it is to own a variety from neutral tans, greys, blacks, and browns to funky purples, pinks, burgundies, and greens. Stocking up now means you will have more options and a much easier time putting together outfits later.

6. There is another trend that’s not going anywhere this year, and that trend is the scarf. A scarf instantly polishes a look with ease. Try a knotted necklace or a simple neck wrap for a day of shopping. We have three options that are basic and neutral. It's all about easy fashion and scarves like our Knit Infinity that go with virtually everything; true staples like basic leggings and tops keep getting dressed simple, sophisticated and on-point.

7. Chunky. bold jewelry like our Bailey Burst or our Garland Crystal do wonders for our party dresses and tops. You can never go wrong with a statement piece (as long as it doesn't take away from the garments you have on already). Try to keep outfits simple and sleek when sporting bold necklaces. Sometimes, simple clothes turn into an outfit with the help of statement jewelry.

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