Master Measuring & Watch Plus Size Shopping Disapear


Master Measuring & Watch Plus Size Shopping Disapear

Can you believe it is often overlooked?  Now when we say that we mean, knowing your actual measurements and not the size you were the last time you went shopping, or what the tag says on your favorite pair of jeans, but your actual size in inches.  At the sound of this, many of you are ready to weep, but fear not.

Knowing your size will cut down on annoying returns and depressing defeat.  The fact of the matter is that manufacturing varies from company to company, and very often you will find inconsistencies within a company since they have various methods of producing their clothes and getting them to your closets.  This is why size charts exist and why, if you aren’t using them, you’re really missing out.  This  factor is often a turn off for people who like brick and mortar stores, but there are so many wonderful choices online.  Stop limiting yourself to what you can find at your local discount or department store.

Now those of us who do shop online regularly, we love to click away, add things to our carts and poof, a few days later find them on our doorstep.  But who doesn’t HATE when things don’t fit and you find yourself slapping that return label onto a box and shipping your coveted items away.  Putting in the effort to get measured, or properly measure yourself, is a step in the online shopping process that is worth the time and effort it takes and where many of the return woes begin (and end).  Not only is this small step going to make a huge difference for you, but it will change the way you shop.  The four tips below are simple and to the point.  Take them into consideration, and take your online shopping skills to the next level.


1. Don’t Obsess Over the Numbers.

When you shop for clothes online (or in general) there can be many variables.  The way the fabric stretches, the blend of what it’s made of, and the style among other things.  These factors weigh into how a garment will fit you and where you may find inconsistencies.  There may be certain items you buy in one size and others you’ll buy totally different sizes of.  Don’t pay attention to what the label says; do pay attention to the size chart and trust it.  SWAK prides itself in having easy-to-read size charts on every garment, and we take special care to offer a wide array of measurements to make your shopping experience easy and pleasurable.  Your size may vary from garment to garment, so forget what the labels say and just follow the chart.  If seeing a certain size or number bothers you, cut the label off and toss it to the curb!


2. Read the Size Chart.

Did you know that each individual garment has a size chart?  On our site you will find this to the right of the product image.  If you click the middle tab next to the description you

will get measurements for each garment. We can guarantee that if you consult the size chart on each and every garment, based on current measurements, you will have so much more success in your shopping endeavors.  Who wants to deal with pesky returns when they could be poppin’ tags and rocking their new duds?


3.  Know What You Need.

Measurements vary from garment to garment, but there are four main measurements you will need: bust, waist, hips, and arm.


4. Learn to Measure Yourself.

Our latest episode of “SWAK in 60 Seconds” gives quick and fast tips for measuring yourself.   It is important to keep these updated, so try to make sure they’re accurate every once in a while.   Have a tailor or your local dry cleaner measure you (they usually do it for free) or break out the measuring tape and take a whack at it. Watch the video to learn how and where to measure yourself.

  • First you have your bust.  Make sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the ground and goes around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Next, measure your natural waist.  Your natural waist is the smallest part of your torso and where the bend is when you bend over like a little teapot.
  • Then for your hips, you want to go around the widest part of the hip and fullest part of your rear.
  • If you’re shopping for a top or dress with sleeves, measure your armpit circumference. Make sure that the tape isn’t too tight! It should be easy to slip a finger under the measuring tape.


You may have read our plus size tips for summer shopping post where we said that “no garment is created equally.”  This is true! We promise!  Your favorite brands all use different manufacturers and develop garments differently. Consult the size chart on each and every garment before you buy, each and every time you shop. Make sure that your measurements are accurate too. Your frustration level will be much lower if you head to your local dry cleaner or have a type-A friend properly measure you.  Our customer service team is always available to help you, but the first step in preventing frustration, over the phone, is knowing what you’re working with.  If you’re really concerned about a garment, try buying it in two sizes.  For garments with little or no stretch, like our Harlow Lace Dress, you may need a little more room in the arms, so sizing up is recommended.  For a more tailored look, taking your items to get altered will make a huge difference.  This also goes for the length of garments.  You may see a length measurement on the size chart… this will tell you how long a garment is.  Generally, most maxis will need to be hemmed, which is a must!  Don’t let your gorgeous new maxi drag on the ground or feel relegated to wedges.  Make your clothes work for you!  SWAK has so many coupon codes, deals and plus size clothing on sale, that the money you save can be used to cover alterations.  You will notice how much better this small detail makes your outfit look.


Hopefully between the video and this post you’re convinced this is important and are off to find your measuring tape!  Until next time!

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