I became a SWAK VIP this morning! I am super excited because I really appreciate getting discounts when I shop. The SWAK VIP Program offers VIP customers the chance to save an additional 10% off all of their orders, as long as the customer is signed into their account. Per the write up on the SWAK Site, I will also be receiving special sale and promo information, first dibs on new arrivals at a discounted price, and so much more. It is super easy, and I wanted to give you guys a little step by step on how to set up your account and start purchasing with your amazing new discounts!

Plus Size Account Info

My first step was to create an account with SWAK. I clicked on the account button, in the top right hand corner, and it gave me the option to either sign into my account, or to create my SWAK VIP account. Since I am not a VIP yet, I selected the Create Your Account option. It had me enter my information, and asked me to choose yes or no for signing up for newsletters. Of course, I want to know about all of the special sales and discount codes!

Plus Size VIP

 Then, after my contact information was entered into the blanks, I put in my billing and shipping info.

Plus Size information

I always save my passwords because I often will forget them!

Plus Size Orders

They then ask me to verify that the information I submited is correct, I can see that my address book is totally accurate! Moving on… My final step for creating this VIP account is to update it. Once that is complete I am a VIP!

Plus Size Registration

After a bit of shopping and browsing the site, I added a few things to my cart and proceeded to the checkout. The 10% discount is automagically applied, which is great! Right under the Discount Code Box, of the shopping cart page, I see a green box stating that my code has been applied. I also see that the subtotal of my order shows the 10% deduction. Since I saw my cart was over $140, I knew there was a code for that located on the shopping cart page! A button underneath my green 10% VIP discount indicated that I could save an additional 20%. I clicked on this, and saw the code that applied to the orders over $140. I copied the code, applied it to the Discount Code Box and clicked update shopping cart.

Boom! I saved $59.52 with my automatic 10% SWAK VIP discount along with the 20% discount because of the other code found in the cart. This was super easy, and I am absolutely delighted to have saved myself some money! Next time I decide to place an order, all I will have to do is sign into my account, and my SWAK VIP discount will automatically apply.

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