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Congratulations, Tess Holliday

by Morgan Kairey May 22, 2015

This might be the biggest thing to ever happen for our plus size community. Huge congrats to Tess Holliday on her groundbreaking People cover. She’s being celebrated as “The World’s First Size 22 Supermodel.” In 2013, Holliday started her # effyourbeautystandards movement on Instagram. This stunning 29-year-old has had such an amazing year, becoming one of the top plus-size models in the world after landing a contract, in January, with the U.K.’s Milk Modeling agency. Her amazing perspective and self-love mindset gained her an enormous following.

Plus Size Supermodel

Holliday has discussed how hard it was for her to break into modeling, which is traditionally catered to women who fit into the sample sizes. In her interview with People, she talks about her open casting call saying, "I got one call back and they said, 'Look, you have a pretty face, but you're too short and you're too big.” She didn’t let negativity stop her from pursuing her dreams and she totally went for it. She's being celebrated by plus size bloggers all over.

The Curvy Fashionista says, "Seeing someone like Tess chase her dreams and to create an awesome platform for body image, self-confidence, and more, she is DOING THAT. From slaying it in makeup to here? Boo is on a path that I cannot wait to see what she does next! She has turned it out for Yours Clothing, Domino Dollhouse, Monif C, and most recently, Benefit Cosmetics and Torrid, sky is literally the limit for the Milk Models signed model!"

Bustle says, "Holliday represents not only body positivity, but also the importance of hard work and dedication. Imagine if she had given up on her modeling career a year ago — she would never have achieved the success she has today. So if you have a dream, let her be your motivation to keep going and not let inevitable obstacles stand in your way." What a great perspective and an inspiring way to look at life!

In a blog for People , Holliday explained her mission: [My supporters] know, like I do, that there is no one way to be a woman, or to be beautiful. We all deserve a place. I believe this with all my heart. While modeling is my career, and my family is vitally important to me, I have this passion inside of me to help other women feel confident and comfortable in their bodies, regardless of their size or what society tells them is beautiful."

Another article for People talks about Holliday's tears when she saw her cover for the first time. "And she couldn't hold back the tears when she saw a woman at the airport putting out copies of this week's magazines – including her own.” "’I asked her to dig it out for me and then I cried, she said. I wanted it to happen for a long time. This was definitely a wildest dreams moment for me.'"

Huge things are happening in the plus size industry, and this amazing breakthrough really feeds the fire of body acceptance for our amazing plus size community. Holliday's website is full of yummy info and great reads, so check this out as well. Another People article has a great video with Holliday you should also check out!
Morgan Kairey
Morgan Kairey

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