Skorch Magazine Blogger Shoot


Skorch Magazine Blogger Shoot
When Jessica Kane wants to play, you say YES! The founder of SKORCH Magazine reached out to SWAK and wanted to partner on an editorial to feature four fab bloggers at all stages of their career. If you've never heard of the body-positive mag, this is your chance to see the amazing and inspirational work they do for us curvy girls. 
We were elated at the opportunity to host some of the brightest stars in the bunch of bloggers bouncing around the plus size space and thrilled to see them in our clothes. With their favorite accessories in hand and bright attitudes, these plus size pioneers offered some serious sunshine at SWAK headquarters. 
From Fresno to Minnesota, Washington and LA, we had all sorts of fun with these ladies and loved seeing their SWAK style. Each blogger has a unique perspective and point of view. From Amanda Williams who is forcing the fashion industry to pay attention to the MidWest, to Kristine Thompson whose signature business chic style is bringing a whole new flavor to the blogosphere, were excited to highlight and/or introduce these fab four. 

Amanda Allison, of, offers a different size perspective and has a fab YouTube channel with lots of tutorials and her "Inside the Dressing Room" series which is a must see. Her make up is always on point and we just adore her! 

Plus Size Amanda

If you've been paying attention to plus size bloggers in that last year or two, you've probably run across California girl Kristine Thompson. Her edgy business chic style is the perfect motivator for anyone trying to mix up the day to day. Check out her style blog at

Kristin Plus Size

Amanda Williams brought her spunky Midwestern personality with her, across the country, and we loved getting to know this baby blogger. New to the social media and blogging seen, Amanda is all about bringing more options to the Midwest and showing that they've got plenty of style sense too. With her site she is trying to force the fashion industry to pay attention to the flyover states. 

Runa Azam has quickly risen to popularity with those that follow the beauty and plus size blogger set. Her glamorous sense of style and exotic look provide a wonderful new flavor to the blogging scene. She fell in love with our Eternity Convertible Dress in white and was a blast to play dress up with. Check out her style at!

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