Fourth of July Festivities!


Fourth of July Festivities!
As a little girl, I remember those sticky summer days where I’d plop down at the end of our dock, with my sister and cousins, to watch the Fourth of July boat parade. Families would decorate their boats with red, whites and blues and fun music played from their speakers. Moms would throw handfuls of candy out into the water for us. We’d dive off the end, and swim to collect our yummy treats to the sounds of rumbling engines underneath the surface. Certain families would really get into it, covering their boats with gloriously colorful streamers and flags. Sometimes dads would dress up as Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty. It was such a special start to this holiday for us!

Plus Size 4th

This is the view of the lake I grew up on from above our boat house!

Plus Size Boat Party

To end the 4th, my mom and dad, sister and a few of our friends would hop up into our boat to head out to the middle of the lake. This is where you lay out your blanket, anchor your boat, and watch the fireworks explode above you. My mom used to hoot, holler and squeal with her “Ooo’s and Aahh’s. We always giggled about it, but she did it every year!! The show would go on for hours. I remember the way the warm summer air felt and the clean, fresh-water smell of that lake still to this day, well over a decade later.

I’m a little bit older now, and my traditions have changed. I will spend this year at a fun backyard pool-party before we make our way to the golf course for the firework show. I just love watching those colors explode above me! I can’t wait for big juicy burgers, and that coconut-banana sunblock smell that swims through the air every summer! What a treat that is. I also love jumping in the pool to beat that Cali heat!

What are you guys doing for the Fourth? What are some of your favorite memories from this special holiday? Be sure to shop our HUGE sale this weekend and post those fabulous pictures rocking your SWAK style!


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