SWAK's Curvy Kittens


SWAK's Curvy Kittens

So, we launched our vintage inspired 2015 Curvy Kitten Collection, and you found yourself really liking the styles, but the vintage retro look just, really, isn’t your thing… don’t worry, you’re not alone. Not every curvy girl is into the vintage trend, but our Curvy Kitten Collection was, definitely, deigned with every curvy girl in mind.

We reached out to three curvy babes, and asked them to come on down to the SWAK Headquarters for a fun filled photo shoot fully styled by them. We gave them full access to our inventory, and asked them to come up with three different looks featuring at least one garment from the Curvy Kitten Collection.  We did this to show our SWAK beauties that you don’t, necessarily, have to be one of those retro babes to rock this awesome new collection. All you have to do is add your personality and unique style to make it your own.

Everything from garment selection, to hair and makeup styles, as well as accessory choices were all created by our beautiful fashionistas, on set! So who are our beautiful fasionistas you ask? We decided to bring in some of our current customers and bloggers, of course! We did our best to find three unique girls with very different fashion styles to give you their take on styling this vintage inspired collection. We have some uber glam from Vivi Ennui, sugary sweet style from Julie Gudz, and some Bada$$ rocker chic fierceness from Stephanie Hernandez.

This fashion feature is all about styling our 2015 Curvy Kitten Collection for fun every day wear. We gave you our awesome Curvy Kitten Editorial, which is styled with all of the Hollywood glam we could stuff into it. Now, we want to give you a more wearable styling experience. Are you excited to see it…? Get ready! Our First Curvy Kitten Stephanie’s feature can be seen here!

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