Meet our Curvy Kitten Stephanie

By:Rhonda Phelps

Meet our Curvy Kitten Stephanie

We reached out to three curvy babes, and asked them to come on down to the SWAK Headquarters for a fun filled photo shoot fully styled by them. We gave them full access to our inventory, and asked them to come up with three different looks featuring at least one garment from the Curvy Kitten Collection. We did this to show our SWAK beauties that you don’t, necessarily, have to be one of those retro babes to rock this awesome new collection. All you have to do is add your personality and unique style to make it your own. Our first Curvy babe up to bat is Stephanie Hernandez!
Stephanie is everything that is Los Angeles Bada** style! Her style incorporates so many different trends that don’t typically mesh, but she finds a way to make it work and awe you with her exceptional day-to-day looks. We found Stephanie on Instagram, and have been long time followers of her unique look. Her username, LaFatshionista, is definitely eye catching and we totally recommend following her. Here are a few of our favorite looks from her Instagram.
Plus Size Stephanie
Stephanie showed up to our photo shoot ready to werk! Her outfit choices were entirely different than anything we would typically put together, and we were impressed beyond belief. Her first look paired our new Bianca Duster, from the 2015 Curvy Kitten Collection, with our Crushed Velvet Palazzo Pants in purple. We know that crop tops aren’t everyone’s thing, but we LOVE them, and boy oh boy did she make this one look phenomenal! She is rocking our Perfect Tube Top as this fab crop top! Are you in love…?! Ugh…we totally are!

Plus Size Velvet Pants

Stephanie’s second look is oh, so cool! She paired our uber feminine Harriet Short Sleeve Dress with an awesome leather vest from her own closet. She took this sweet dress, and turned it into something wickedly cool simply by adding a leather vest and cool striped flats. Mixing prints is totally trending right now. The awesome astro print of the dress looks great paired with these fun black and white striped flats. An awesome pair of sunnies completed the look!
For Stephanie’s last look, she decided to rock our Lucille Collar Dress. The cool thing about this look is that with simple styling, she took this vintage inspired dress and turned it into something trendy and modern! She added a super cool hat and platform sandals. So easy, so fun, and looks completely effortless, but stylish at the same time!

Plus Size Hat
We had a blast working with Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your Curvy Kitten style with all of our customers! We still have two more ladies to share with you! Stay tuned! Julie is up next! Untill then, take a peek at Stephanie's feature, here

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