Meet our Curvy Kitten Vivi


Meet our Curvy Kitten Vivi

Plus Size Vivi

We have come to the end of our Curvy Kitten Fashion Feature. This is our last kitten of the bunch, and boy are we closing with a BANG! Our last Curvy Kitten is the ultra-glam, Vivi Ennui. The same rules applied to Vivi as the other two girls of the group. Vivi was given full access to our inventory, and asked to come up with three looks using at least one item from our 2015 Curvy Kitten Collection for each look. We have been long time followers of Vivi’s blog, Style or Else. When asked, Vivi described her style as being vibrant, fun, and anachronistic (we totally had to Google anachronistic…it means someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time). We absolutely agree! That is definitely Vivi! Here are a few of our favorite shots from her Instagram. Head on over and check it out for yourself. Make sure to follow her @viviennui.
Vivi Plus Size Curvy Kitten

Vivi showed up to the photo shoot arms full of accessories! Talk about GLAM! We were in accessory heaven. She had so many beautiful pieces we were drooling! Vivi’s first look included a few of those spectacular accessories, many of which Vivi made herself! Vivi took our Marion Chiffon Top and tucked it into our June Skirt, from the Curvy Kitten Collection. With an added blush petticoat, and a pop of a contrast color with bright orange shoes, belt, and hair flower, Vivi came up with this fun and oh so vibrant look.
Plus Size June Skirt
Vivi’s second look is everything that is old Hollywood glamour. She took our bestselling Sabrina Maxi Dress and added our Bianca Duster. A sleek bun, and gorgeous black necklace polished this look. Let’s not forget these AMAZING poses. Vivi really knows how to rock it out in front of a camera.
Plus Size Kimono
Vivi’s last look just might be our favorite. The simplicity of it is so chic. Vivi took our Bianca Duster and wrapped it around herself closing it up with this great neutral belt. So simple, so classic, oh so chic.

Plus Size Kimono Dress

Vivi truly impressed us beyond belief. We had a blast having her at the SWAK Headquarters. Are you ready to view her feature? View here.

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