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SWAK Stats: Pattie

by Morgan Kairey August 25, 2014

If you asked me this question (heels or flats) even six months ago, I would have said FLATS. Well,   Dansko Professional Clogs  (which are not so flat), but recently on a mad dash to Kohl’s to find some cute options for a  Lipedema  fashion show I was asked to model in, I grabbed a pair of   Candie’s Dress Platform Wedges  that are almost 5” tall. Thankfully they have about 1 1/2” platform, so for whatever reason I could actually walk in them, and bonus, I didn’t have to break the sewing machine out to hem some new dresses that had come in. Thanks to those shoes, I felt a wee bit like Tina Turner on the runway.

3. Who is your celebrity style crush?
Queen Latifah would have to be my celebrity style crush, she always looks so elegant, but I adore Rebel Wilson’s attitude, she cracks me up, and looks great doing it! I love that curvy girls have so many celebrity style crush possibilities these days.

4. What is your go-to piece for easy out-the-door style?
My most favorite piece of clothing is a maxi dress. I have them in as many styles, colors, and patterns as possible, and typically top them with a pair of white Keds and a vintage Jean Jacket that I’ve owned for years; but I can quickly take them up a notch with heels, and great jewelry for a nighttime or special event as well.

5. What's your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is singing loudly in my car, typically to an old classic like  You Got Lucky  by Tom Petty and Heartbreaker s. Especially good when you need to feel a little badass.

7. Why do you think fashion matters? 6. What are three surprising things we'd find in your purse?
Ha, the surprising thing you would find in my purse is that I don’t have one. Well I have one, several in fact, but rarely use them, I tend to just grab my wallet. No room in there for any surprises, except maybe a sticker from Mocha Mott’s, a coffee house we fell in love with on Martha’s Vineyard last year.

Fashion matters because it is the best way to express yourself to the world. It defines you, and tells your story, without you having to say a word. It lifts you up, I walk a little taller in a great outfit; and it comforts you - you know, when the first thing you do after a long day is to cuddle up in a favorite old sweater or heck jump right into those cozy PJs.

8. What's your favorite fashion memory?
I loved the movie   Pretty in Pink  with Molly Ringwald as the ever-fashionable Andie Walsh. Her ability to craft an outfit from recycled clothing really spoke to me, and she is partly to thank for the decision to attend Endicott College for fashion. While at Endicott I would fall madly in love with Giorgio Armani while sitting in Professor Kelly’s class. His ability to blur the lines between male and female fashion by adding softness to the male line and structure to the female line was brilliant. To this day, Mr. Armani is still my favorite and my best.

9. Early bird or night owl?
Night owl, definitely a night owl, I cannot seem to go to bed before midnight. My poor husband will be sleeping next to me on the couch as I sit up till the wee hours of the morning catching up Grey’s Anatomy or

10. What's your favorite movie and why?
Survivor (oops, a few more guilty pleasures slipping out there).

Picking a favorite movie is tricky, as I love movies. All time favorite since the beginning of me would be   The Wizard of Oz. I’m old enough to remember when it was only shown on television once a year, and my older

sister Shirley and I would sit reciting the lines right along with the Lollipop Guild, the Lullaby League, and Dorothy Gale herself. I still love it as an adult, but   A League of Their Own  would have to be the one movie I watch more than all others. It captures me, makes me feel like I’m experiencing a past life or something, and when Madonna is singing, “this used to be my playground” during the credits, the tears are rolling – priceless piece of film, thank you Penny Marshall.

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Morgan Kairey
Morgan Kairey

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