SWAK on We TV's "David Tutera's CELEBrations"


SWAK on We TV's
When we got the call to possibly dress the former bad girl and shoot at the SWAK office we were excited and nervous at the same time.  On one hand, we wanted to experience a day in the life of a reality series, but at the same time we were afraid 
Tanisha might “pop off” as she tends to do.  The day of the shoot the crew began to trickle in and transformed our shoot area in our warehouse into a set for David’s meeting with Tanisha.  David Tutera and Tanisha had gotten off to a rocky start, so when Tanisha arrived with champagne in hand and her entourage trailing behind her, we had a feeling things were going to get crazy.  David’s people hustled and bustled prepping the scene and looking through wardrobe options for Tanisha.  Tanisha was supposed to choose a party dress for her celebration, but as you know our strengths are affordable trendy plus size basics.  We have some sequins coming in for the holidays but only had our typical wares and a few samples the day of the shoot. We let the crew do their thing and finally David arrived.  He is exactly how you imagine he would be.  He was stylish and all business, ready to get in and out.  The shoot began and our resident stage mom, Kristie, was on hand to help with Tanisha’s changes and supervise the goings on.  Things got heated as David and Tanisha battled over style, lifestyle and his adamant denial of calling her party a “divorce party.”  For a relatively quiet office, everyone was a buzz and having a great time, despite the diva’s demands, or rather divas’. To see the entire episode check your local listing’s for David Tutera’s CELEBrations on WeTV.  Don’t have cable watch it here?  As a teaser... here's a little clip!

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