Tips for Taking the Perfect Picture


Tips for Taking the Perfect Picture
Tyra may have taught us to "smize" but in the "selfie" world that we live in there are so many things that can go wrong!  Staring into the wrong place, chopping off body parts or even worse, not getting any likes!  We've come up with a few tips and tricks that can ease the pain and help you tap into your inner artiste.  Host Marcy Guevara gives her tips for taking a great pic and brings in plus size model Rayna Salcido-Alvarez to share expertise on hitting that perfect pose.

Marcy's Tips:
  • Good lighting! Make sure your light source is BEHIND THE CAMERA or else we can't see you!
  • Clean up!  Tidy your surroundings or find a simple or cool wall that isn't too distracting to take your shot.
  • Show your shape! Don't hide your body, celebrate it! We want to see you from HEAD TO TOE.

Tips from Rayna on striking the perfect pose:

  • Find your angle! Spend time in the mirror finding your best angles and then note your best ones! We all have them.
  • Bring attention to your waist!  Bring those arms up and cinch that waist in.
  • Model from your head to your toes! When posing for a full body shot, remember your feet, hands and neck! Elongate!

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