Passion's Passion for Plus Size


The plus size YouTube star and mommy-diva is incredibly stylish and relatable, making her the go-to girl for tutorials, style hauls and more.  Passion recently featured SWAK’s new 
plus size clubwear line, Size Appeal, on her YouTube channel.  With the launch of Size Appeal it was obvious that Passion was a natural fit as a brand ambassador.  Passion produced an incredible plus size summer dress haul in her signature style and as always, offers authentic advice and opinion on the various pieces.  Pairing our sultry frocks with gorgeous clutches and sky high heels, Passion demonstrates just how versatile the garments are and gives tips for styling them in chic and sexy looks.  With a gorgeously curvy body and standing at only 5’6, Passion proves she’s an authority on all things style by providing tips and tricks for showing your shape, creating a flattering silhouette and elongating the body.  She urges her viewers to creative with belts and explore incorporating new trends and hot colors into your wardrobe.  Though the YouTube sensation is just over 21, her tone and demeanor demand respect and attention.  When asked about being “plus size”, Passion says, “Plus size is the woman who does not fit societies meaning of beauty. Do not get me wrong all shapes and sizes of women are beautiful. However, we have been shown only a slimmer size is the vision of beauty. I believe every woman deserves the right of being beautiful and meaningful to this society we live in.”  It’s this attitude about her body and beauty that make Passion such an interesting and accessible figure.  If you aren’t one of her adoring fans already, check out any of her videos and join hundreds of thousands of curvy women following her advice and role-modeling.

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