SWAK in 60 Seconds: Curvy Girl Must-Haves

As a former “schizophrenic shopper” I can assure you that thinking about your wardrobe in this way is the only way to make sure that every time you set foot in front of those closet doors you know what’s on the other side and that it all works together. Before I was a full blown "fatshionista,"  was a casual shopper. A day to day pick something up here or there shopper. If it fit, I bought it. There was no rhyme or reason to my purchases and you could tell! It was very difficult for me to put together outfits that worked; even though I had an entire closet full of clothes, it seemed I had nothing to wear. This left me feeling inferior and totally dowdy. I always pegged my friend Michelle as the stylish one and just made due with what worked. This ended when I began to see fashion and clothes in a different way, and I began to understand that styling is strategic and that you can make specific choices to create looks that embody and communicate your style and personality. The idea of "schizophrenic shopping" comes from having no idea what you want and just picking random things up along your travels. Sure, this can be fun at times, but in general, results in a very frustrating wardrobe. This week’s “SWAK in 60 Seconds” features my must-haves for summer. When you create a list of things that you need, want, or are in the market for, it helps you save for them and resist the random impulse buys you may not need. This also helps make sure your clothes coordinate and work together harmoniously. When you invest in something like a white dress or a denim jacket, you want to keep that purchase in mind when making your next decision. Everything should be able to coordinate, swap in and out between outfits and create looks you love. I hope the five things I’ve designated in this video as curvy girl must-haves,work for you and make your summer extra stylish.  XOXO-Marcy

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