SWAK in 60 Seconds: Colorful Plus Size Clothing

As temperatures rise and the sun shines, our wardrobes should mirror this seasonal change.  Embrace your sunny side and opt for any of our new tops including Polly.  Polly is a brand new top to hit the SWAK site and is super chic.  The sharktooth cut is flattering and conceals trouble areas while still showing off a nice shape.  When choosing what you wear each day it is important to wear something that expresses how you feel.  If you aren’t feeling very cheery, a top in a bright hue like our Caitlin Top can turn things around.  This top comes in multiple colors, but the fuchsia option is supreme.  Perfect to pair under a cardigan or jacket, this top is a curvy girl must have.  It’s important to note that even though there are times when plus size women want to cover themselves in tons of fabric, showing your silhouette in body skimming tops or maxis can be very complementary.  The video also highlights our Classic Denim Blazer.  Though it isn’t a bright, it is a great staple to add to your wardrobe.  This blazer paired with any of the showstopping bright colored tops I’ve mentioned would be a great summer staple to have in the closet for a casual office setting or even church (depending on your denomination of course.) The last item on this week’s YouTube exclusive is our Grace Cardigan.  For those of you who hate breaking your black routine, this is a nice way to ease into adding some seasonally appropriate color into your closet without going too crazy.  The Grace is available in white, black and a beautiful blush rose.  The rose is a great way to try color without going too crazy.  For more tips like this check out the SWAK Style Blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest coupon codes to get the clothes you love!  Watch the video here: http://goo.gl/jXl1sW

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