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If you haven’t connected with us on your favorite of these site(s), please do!  We love being able to see who our customers are and hear their voice.  Social media has become such a powerful dot connector between the business and the consumer and we soak it up.  There isn’t a day that goes by, in our office, that we aren’t cooing over an Instagram followers baby or drooling over a yummy recipe on Pinterest.  We see and hear you and we value that.


Did you know that we also have a blog?  When our social media girls aren’t liking, posting, pinning, they’re blogging.   Now we’re not just trying to sell clothes here.  While that is our business, we use our blog for much more.  We want to sell you the clothes you want to wear.  Our blog is our sounding board for finding those opinions out.  It’s a place for various members of our staff to sound off and a hub for all things SWAK.  We post style inspiration, info on the behind the scenes aspects of our shoots, and opinions on garments from real women like you.  It’s our goal to give you a complete shopping experience and peace of mind when you order a new item for your closet.  On the blog, you’ll find real advice, thoughtful opinions and genuine reviews from our staff, as well as ideas for mixing up your own wardrobe.  Our goal is to cultivate a page you want to read as readily as TMZ or BuzzFeed (gosh their lists are hilarious).  Of course we’re probably not as ridiculous and entertaining as they are, but we’ll let them do the funny and discuss what we know- which is plus size clothing!  When it comes to designing and styling plus size clothes, that is our expertise, and we love sharing it with you.  We have a team of females on our staff that are, know, and love the plus size customer.


We’ve also recently started posting lots of videos on the SWAK Designs YouTube channel.  In case you haven’t noticed, these videos can also be seen on our product pages so you can actually see the clothes in movement.  How often have you seen something on a model and it looked completely different on you?  Or it was a completely different cut because it was pinned to the models body?  Our videos aim to assure you that what you see is what you get, and that our models are the size we say they are!  If you visit our channel, you’ll find playlists, glimpses of our lookbook shoots, and most recently the latest addition to our channel, “SWAK in 60 Seconds.”


“SWAK in 60 Seconds” was created to give you an experts opinion on the latest styles to hit the SWAK site and ideas for how to wear them.  We understand what you want as a shopper, the most for your money, lots of ways to wear the styles, and great quality garments that last season after season.  That’s why we created this series.  We aim to educate and inspire you with ideas and tips for dressing your body and finding styles that you might not have considered.


We’ve teamed up with host Marcy Guevara, plus-size influencer from the The Marcy Minute, to bring you lots of creative and fabulous finds.  You may recognize Marcy from our “Wrap 101” series which details all the ways to style your Eternity Wrap Dresses.  You might also have seen Marcy on The Rachael Ray Show or Dr. Oz giving curvy girls everywhere tips for how to dress their bodies, work with their shape, and free themselves of the limitations placed on them by “fashion rules” of days past.  We think you’ll identify with Marcy who is a size 18/2X and encourage you to engage with the videos, leaving comments, ideas and feedback.  Our idea with bringing her on to host this series is to offer a relatable woman’s appearance, ideas and also utilize her “style mind” to help you look and feel chic and confident in your latest purchases.  Of course we also offer an exclusive coupon code for viewers, so be sure to watch and note the code to take a special discount off featured items.  If you like what you see, leave a comment or thumbs up on YouTube.  We read them and take them very seriously!


Receiving feedback in the form of comments on social media or reviews on our site is so helpful to us.  Not only do we take your comments into consideration when making decisions, but our production team notes the issues you have with any garments or trouble areas, and designs with that in mind.  Our entire business is built around you.  We are here to serve and clothe and make you happy.  We believe that you deserve trendy and affordable basics no matter what size you are or where you live.  (Which is why we offer sizes 1X-6X and ship globally!)


Hopefully you’ve learned a bit more about what goes down here at SWAK and where to find us online (which is everywhere).  We can’t wait to connect more, learn more and give you more of the styles you desire.



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