SWAK in 60 Seconds: Back to Basics

This week’s 
“SWAK in 60 Seconds” features some basics from the site that are pieces you will wear over and over.  No matter what you have in your closet, we all have those days where we need the guesswork taken out.  Most of us haven’t even had our coffee when we’re deciding what to wear, and that can make the decision seem gruesome.  The pieces in this week’s video are all great go-tos and garments that have a lot of potential for wears.  With solid tops like Nancy and Leslie, the options for what to pair them with seem endless.  If it’s for the office you can do a pencil skirt or slacks.  If you’re looking to accomplish a more casual look, opt for jeans or leggings.  With the two plus size dresses we’ve featured in this week’s episode, Juliet and Bonnie, you’ll be set for summer afternoons and seasonal soirees.  Bonnie is the perfect maxi for dressing up or down.  Wear it to the beach or with a fabulous statement necklace and wedges to an afternoon event.  Juliet has lots of versatility too.  You can opt to get this in the gorgeous Coral hue for a pop of color, or go for a more subtle option like the navy for a sultry night shade.  We’ve come up with some great tips for curating a closet that serves you on our blog, make sure to check that out for lots of tricks on organization and building a great foundation for your style.  For more plus size style advice and coupon codes, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on all of your favorite social networks!

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