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SWAK in 60 Seconds: Pinteresting Tips

by Morgan Kairey September 01, 2015

I’m all about what people post on Facebook and Instagram that’s a replica of something they found on 
Pinterest .  I really mean it! It’s fascinating seeing peoples baked goods, crafternoons and what not.  But WOW, I don’t have the skills, time or patience for these really intricate DIY projects, though I’ve always aspired to be that girl.  I’ve always bought things that didn’t fit with the intention of learning to sew or apply some creative embellishment.  I truly admire, not only the people that can craft, but it’s those that create the ideas we see on Pinterest who's brains I covet.  I mean, really!!! There are the Rachels of  PS. I Made This , and the Martha Stewarts of the world; they are the modern day artists I respect.  With a little help from some of the SWAK team, I came up with some DIY ideas anyone can do.  If I can cut a straight line… so can you!  Love crop tops but can’t find one that works for you?  Fear not!  I’ve created three quick and easy DIY projects just for us curvy girls.  With a little time, some scissors and a few key pieces, from SWAK, you’ll be set to revive your current wardrobe or create a whole new one.  Who needs to be on Project Runway? You can do this in your own kitchen! Watch the latest “ SWAK in 60 Seconds ” for inspiration and step-by-step instructions, and take 25% off any of the items you need to get started with the YouTube exclusive code.  Once you’ve done your DIYing, make sure to send SWAK a snapshot! Tag us on Twitter or Instagram @swakdesigns and, of course, PIN IT!  Until next time, see you soon!  XOXO, Marcy
Morgan Kairey
Morgan Kairey

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