Eternal Style in the SWAK Designs Convertible Dress


Eternal Style in the SWAK Designs Convertible Dress

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This week we’re featuring several gorgeous blogger babes in our Eternity Convertible Dress. The Eternity Convertible Dress is a SWAK standard that we believe belongs in every woman’s closet, curvy or not! A few weeks ago, we gave you three reasons to purchase the versatile frock, but now we’re breaking down the wraps and proving that you CAN wrap this yourself. Many customers have asked us if we’ve got some sort of trick for doing our various wraps, they want to know how they can magically wrap their Eternity Dress on their own. Are you in this boat? Today we’re talking about all the possibilities the youtubeEternity Dress holds and proving that there is no magic wand needed. All you need is a mirror, a little patience and a way to watch our “Wrap 101” videos!

We’ve also asked some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to demonstrate their favorite wraps. We love this age of blogger fandom that we’re in. Who knew ten years ago that we’d become the models? That everyday women just like us would begin showing off their style for all to see? We challenged the bloggers to use any of their favorite wraps from our site and put their signature spin on the looks. There are so many wrap options and we love seeing them all on display! First up, the Maya Wrap. This wrap looks totally fabulous and complicated but is one of the simpler wraps. Bloggers Jeneise and Lakeisha of Big Boned Style rocked theirs! Choosing this wrap is super stylish, edgy and perfect for a night on the town. The key to this wrap is mastering the simple sweetheart (a signature style and a core for many of the wraps) then right before finishing the bow, gathering the two points of the hem, knotting them and tying them through the long panels around your waist. Plus size blogger Liz Black also brought her chic edge to the party. Try it! We promise, it’s super simple.

Another wrap that is sophisticated and subtly sexy, is the Gretta. Gretta shows off sexy shoulders for a more modest, yet dramatic look. Kiah, of From the Rez to the City, looks uber attractive in this wrap with fierce accessories and a chic chignon. We love Kiah’s sense of confidence and how she owns her stature. Strike a pose like this the next time you post a selfie! Parker, of Everyday Runway 365, shows us her glam side in the Gretta wrap with loose curls and fresh faced makeup. With bloggers of all different shapes, ages, sizes and styles, we hope you’re getting the idea of just how multifaceted this style can be. If you’re one to cover your arms, go for a style like Stella. Stella still offers a decadent display of your decolletage while covering up trouble areas. Stella is a variation on the tube-style sweetheart wrap called Ava. This wrap looks gorgeous on British blogger Georgina Grogan who looks like an ethereal goddess in our two-toned Eternity Duo from the spring. (Keep an eye out for new duos coming towards the end of summer.) One of the best things about this dress is how flattering the silhouettes are on so many body types, and also how they can be worn throughout the seasons. Pair any of these wraps with a great cardigan or scarf for an autumnal look that’s sexy, or sophisticated, depending on which wrap and accessories you choose.

A customer favorite is the Maggie wrap. This convertible dress lovers like that this wrap creates the illusion of a maxi skirt and is absolutely phenomenal. The skirt is so flowy and full that this look is full of drama and makes an entrance. Kiah wore this with a chambray shirt for a relaxed look that still makes a statement. Becca, or The Fat Fox as so many know her online, looks sweet in her rendition of the skirted look. For this style you can watch a video here or simply move waist to where you want it and fold over, wrap panels around and voila- a skirt!

The Margo Tunic is another perfect alternative for those who own the short version of the Eternity Convertible Dress that want to sport a more casual look with jeans, capris or leggings. Zadry looks adorable in this wrap and ready for a day on the beach. If you’re one for a one-shouldered look, Shay, of A Thick Girl’s Closet, worked it in our newest shade and went for an alternative style. Shay is seen here in our Athena wrap which is sultry and mellow in yellow. After seeing these bodacious beauties dressed to the nines in their convertible dresses, we hope you’ll be inspired to try a 2014-06-207few wraps on your own and send us the proof! It makes the days at SWAK headquarters even better when we see your images come through Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Facebook, too. Until next time, stay up to date with all things SWAK style right here and on!

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