Aussie Invasion Lookbook 2013


Aussie Invasion Lookbook 2013
Plus SIze Isabella
Plus Size Blondes
Plus Size Sam

Plus Size Zella
We are so excited to show you the latest SWAK Designs Fashion Feature. Get ready for an Aussie Invasion. Fresh on the heels of Full Figured Fashion Week, SWAK found itself invaded by Aussie Awesomeness in the form of two stylish and sparkling bloggers – Olivia Miles and Samantha Morris. We gave them free reign to roam our shelves and pick the styles they like the best!

Armed with shoes, endless energy and a pair of moustache suspenders, these gals made SWAK Designs style their own! First up, Olivia Miles. Age 27, Hometown Brisbane Australia, Size 2X USA. You can learn more about Olivia Miles by following her blog Wait Until The Sunset. “My personal style is funky and playful! An outfit isn’t complete until you feel fun while wearing it, so dress it up and show yourself off!”

SWAK Teams Favorite Look: Olivia ran through our warehouse and quickly came up with a ton of great looks, but our favorite has to be the classic silhouette she created with the Megan Midi Skirt, and the SWAK Designs bestselling Pretty Cami. The Pretty Cami plus size tops were used multiple times throughout this shoot. The Pretty Cami really does work with almost any outfit!

Up next, Samantha Morris. Age 28, Hometown Whitsundays Queensland, Australia, Size 16 or 1X USA. Sam is a plus size model. You can learn more about Samantha Morris on her blog Blossoming Blogger to Be. “My style is fun and flirty with a pop of color. I love intense, bold colors with a statement necklace or belt.” SWAK Teams Favorite Look: Samantha looks amazing in everything she puts on, but our favorite look has to be the Zella Dress with the Cute SWAK Designs Drew Denim jacket over top. So cute, and so stylish! Find fun and stylish plus size dresses just like the Zella on our site!

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