Marcy Guevera's Cruise Lookbook 2013


Marcy Guevera's Cruise Lookbook 2013

Plus Size Marcy Guevera Plus Size CruisePlus Size Cruise Look



For my most recent birthday I had the pleasure of taking a little cruise to Mexico with my beloved boyfriend and family. I absolutely LOVE cruising. I could talk about it all day long. From the food, to the atmosphere, and everything in between, I think cruises are the most fabulous way to spend a holiday. Vacations are all about rest and relaxation in my family. Sure, we’ll do a little sightseeing, but you will more likely find us frequenting the spa or laying out on the deck (with sunscreen on, of course). Cruises are, in my opinion, the best way to spend a few days off enjoying nature and also amazing amenities. When I cruise (and even when I went to summer camp as a teen), I love wardrobe changes. A leisurely wake up is followed by selecting a maxi and swimsuit with fabulous shades for the pool; another outfit is donned for an afternoon lunch and champagne in the art gallery. Of course, dinners on cruises are the main event and when the sequins often appear. I chose these outfits from SWAK Designs for several different occasions on the boat and loved how each one looked. For boarding, I wanted to be comfortable and make a statement at the same time; the Melia Maxi Dress was the perfect choice. The bold pattern is striking and the gold accents really make it shine. Maxis are my jam when it comes to summer for feeling put together and pretty. The color of this Bonnie Maxi is just brilliant. I would never think Magenta was my color, but this hue just popped on my skin (especially after a few days in the Mexican sun). For a casual dinner one evening, I opted for the Classy Skinny Jeans and Izzy Beaded Top. Plus size clothing that is trendy, affordable, and chic is not the easiest to come by, especially when you are very particular like I am. I find that I can always count on SWAK to give me the trifecta of things I am looking for.

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