Disney Bounding Second Edition

By:Rhonda Phelps

Disney Bounding Second Edition

Welcome to our second edition of Disney Bounding which just so happens to be published just a few weeks before Halloween (hint hint)!! If you aren't familiar with plus size Disney Bounding, it is when you use everyday items from your closet (or our SWAK closet) and create looks outside of costumed or cosplay looks to represent your favorite Disney characters.  In other words, you can be a different Disney princess EVERYDAY! 

For our second edition, we chose the Wicked Queen, a Fairytale Princess, and Robin Hood, perfect for Halloween or a trip to Disneyland!  
Our Jackie Knit plus size maxi dress is perfect for the Wicked Queen! The purple gives a sense of royalty and we added a velvet cape (which you could easily just get from your local fabric store), a statement necklace, and a nice red juicy apple.   A crown may be necessary to really make this look pop on Halloween!  Makeup suggestion: add a dark lip and bold brow to amp up this look.
Plus Size Fairytale Princess
Our Fairytale Princess looks beautiful in our Eternity plus size Maxi Convertible Dress! The billowing effect of this dress adds to the whimsy of what being a Disney Princess is all about.  Add some sparkly heels and a sparkly headband or tiara and you are set for Halloween or your next fancy event! You will be the belle of the ball at your Halloween party (no pun intended). Makeup suggestion: add some bronzer, highlighter, and shimmery eyeshadow to really shine. 
Plus Size Robin Hood
Robin Hood is by far our most comfortable outfit for our Halloween Disney Bounding edition (aka no heels).  Grab our Jessa Chiffon Top and the Perfect plus size Leggings!  Add a pair of boots and a felt hat and you are golden! A FAKE bow and arrow wouldn't hurt either.  Makeup suggestion: go with a smokey eye and nude lip or if you want a dark lip use a brown hued lipstick. I always suggest a bold brow, especially for a woodsy character like Robin Hood.  
For more Disney Bounding suggestions look at our previous post.
Happy Halloween!  
xoxo, Morgan

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