Vivi from Style or Else has Done it Again!

By:Mary D

Vivi from Style or Else has Done it Again!
Plus Size Eternity Dress
Vivi from Style or Else has done an amazing job showing off our Fall elements collection! The three plus size pieces mentioned throughout this blog are our Eternity Convertible Plus Size Maxi Dress, or Kari Knit Plus Size Top, and our Perfect Plus Size Camisole.  Vivi looks great in all of these pieces and she really shows all the different ways you can wear them, whether it's layered, tied, etc. for any occasion and any climate. 
Plus Size Twirl
Vivi and her friend Brandy decided to play dress up one extremely hot California day and it made all of the people here at SWAK want to join! Brandy wears our Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress, our June Plus Size Skirt, our Perfect Cami, Sabrina Plus Size Maxi, and our Peggy Sweetheart plus size dress and may I say, she looks flawless in all of these styles.  This was her first SWAK experience and we are pretty confident that she will continue on with exploring our future collections. 
Vivi and Brandy show just how diverse our Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress really is! Thanks for showing us all of these different looks! Next time we want to be invited to play dress up! 
For more incredible style inspiration and tips, head over to Vivi's blog, Style or Else!

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