How to Rock Leggings

You'd think the legging trend was worn out and tired but Refinery 29 has freshened up the look and has made us all want to run out and get a new pair of our Perfect Plus Size Leggings. The nice part is that the looks they offer aren't over complicated. Here are a few ways we would freshen up our leggings.
Our first look, which is our most professional look, features our Perfect Leggings, our Marion Chiffon Plus Size Top, and a pair of pointy toed flats.  This look would also look great with a cute pair of booties, like these

Professional Legging Look

Professional Legging Look by swakdesigns featuring bracelet jewelry

Our second look, features our Pretty Plus Size Cami, our Hooded Fringed Poncho, and of course our favorite Plus Size Crop Leggings.  
Cozy Casual Leggings
Cozy Casual Leggings by swakdesigns featuring LifeStride

Our third legging look is a chic date night outfit.  This look features our Nikki Chiffon Plus Size Top, and our Cropped Leggings and are shown with some accessories to really make the look shine.  
Date Night Leggings

Date Night Leggings by swakdesigns featuring hematite jewelry
How would you style our favorite leggings? Let us know on our Facebook page or tag us on instagram @SWAKdesigns and show us how you would wear them.  

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