We Love Katana Fatale!


We Love Katana Fatale!


We recently had the pleasure of working with the uber gorgeous Katana Fatale! For those of you who don't know, Katana Fatale is a freelance and published plus size model.  She is also a majorly popular body positive fashion blogger residing in Portland, Oregon. Her body positive tumblr is pretty eye opening.  Her mix of humor and stunning photos remind us why we love Katana.  She recently came out to Los Angeles and we knew we had to get her in the Studio!  

Here are a few reasons why we love her so much: 
Plus Size Fatale
Photo by: Nichole Alex
Plus Size Katana Selfie
Plus Size Stretch
Plus Size Selfie
Plus Size Katana Fatale
Make sure to follow her on Instagram and Tumblr to get more of the fabulous Katana!!

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