What You NEED to Know About Beth Ditto


What You NEED to Know About Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto Plus Size Runway

You may know Beth Ditto as the lead vocalist in her band, “The Gossip” but she is becoming more and more prominent in the world of fashion.  Her bold style matches her bold music and vocals.  She’s been featured in the magazines, Love, Dazed and Confused, andBust.  Her first major runway appearance was at the Spring 2011, Jean Paul Gaultier show, but her feature in the Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 show is what really caught our eye.  She closed the show in a silver and white, off the shoulder, sequin embellished gown. 

Ditto has always been pretty open about her size, and has been known to insult Karl Lagerfeld and Kate Moss for being “boring” and “miserable.”  But she decided to embrace the fashion world.  In an interview with The Guardian, she said “I have no control over what people think of me but I have 100% control of what I think of myself, and that is so important."

She continued to tell the blog, Into the Gloss, “being a big person – being a fat girl in this world – is really awesome.  It feels good to be myself.  I think it’s a special position to be in, and it’s given me a lot of perspective into people’s opinions and how they interpret things.  I know when something is my problem or someone else’s.  It’s this whole element of therapy that you get for free where you’re like, ‘Is this a social problem or is this my problem?’…Words don’t bother me, intentions do."   

Plus Size Earrings

Buzzfeed got it right when they said “She doesn’t just influence fashion, she completely embodies it.” They put out an article called“18 Fashion Rules from Beth Ditto,” and now here is how we follow these rules. 

1. Undo the rules. We were always told that horizontal stripes aren't flattering. That isn't the case in our Annie Plus-Size top. 

2. Look good AND be comfortable. Our amazingly comfortable Perfect Plus-Size Palazzo Pants are the perfect example of comfort and style.  
3. Be fearless.
4. Be weird. 
5. Get sexy. Our Heidi Structured Plus-Size Top shows just the right amount of sex appeal!
6. Never let others get you down.
7. Even at your worst, look your best. Do what makes up feel best, whether it's a little mascara or wearing your favorite outfit.  
8. Don’t be afraid to play with color. Our Isabella Plus- Size Swing Dress adds the perfect pop of color to your wardrobe.  
9. Don’t be afraid of classic black. Out classic black Nikki Plus-Size Chiffon Top is perfect for any occasion.  
10. Challenge what fashion says is right. 
11. It’s all about the eyes and the lips. Try this long lasting eyeliner and this lip stain.
12. Show off your legs. Our  Zuri Plus-Size Body Con Dress will show off your curves and legs just the right way.  
13. Whatever you have on, you better work it.
14. Mess around with patterns. The Ashlynn Plus-Size Chiffon Poncho
is a new and interesting pattern that you should definitely add to your wardrobe.  
15. Unleash your inner rock star.
16. Take pointers from the legends like Madonna or Marilyn Monroe.  
17. Be loud!  Express yourself in our Jayden plus-size Maxi Dress
18. Stay humble.

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xoxo, Morgan

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