Thoughts behind our These Girls Got SWAK Feature!

Three amazingly beautiful girls, Taylor, Pamela, and Katana, came in for a self-styled photo shoot and rocked it! These girls are all different sizes, shapes and have very different styles. They all made it work, but which girls style suits you best?

Taylor's style is trendy, flirty, and fun.  Taylor is a 1X.  Taylor is wearing our Perfect Plus-Size Leggings and our Marion Plus-Size Chiffon Top! We would wear this look to work or an event. Where do you think Taylor is going in this outfit?

Pamela's style is elegant and business casual. Pamela wears a 3X.  She is in our Multi Print Caitlyn Plus-Size Wrap Maxi Dress. Pamela's dress brings so much liveliness and color. She'll most likely be the life of the party!

Katana's style is fierce and fashionably fearless. Katana can wear a 4X or a 5X. Katana is wearing our Tan Hooded Fringe Plus-Size Poncho and our Zuri Plus-Size Body Con Dress.  This is the perfect outfit for the fall season. What do you think?

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