Comfort Meets Style with SWAK's Hottest Bottoms


Comfort Meets Style with SWAK's Hottest Bottoms

Plus Size Comfort

Here at SWAK we are always looking for comfortable yet stylish ways to dress.  Whether I am going to the office, to the grocery store and running an errand, or to an event, I always feel fashionable in the following four bottoms.  


Our Demi Handkerchief Plus Size Skirt is perfect for a holiday office party. Pair the Hot Coral skirt with our Off White Nikki Plus Size Chiffon Top to really show off your chic style, at your next event, and get everybody buzzing! 

When I go to the movies, I hate feeling confined and uncomfortable, so I love to sit in the theater in a maxi skirt.  The Grey California Plus Size Maxi Skirt with our Magenta Sandy Plus Size Top are the perfect combination for an easy and relaxed look.

When on the run, try our Dark Odette Plus Size Jeggings.  For a more casual look, pair them with our Printed Cotton Plus Size Cami.  Too dress up your outfit, try our Jessa Plus Size Chiffon Top and add a statement necklace while you're at it! The right accessories can dress up or dress down any outfit.

The Printed Plus Size Palazzo Pants, as well as our solid colored Palazzo Pants, are one of my favorites! These are the most easy-going yet stylish pants we own.  They are perfect for a hot day with sandals or a cold day with layered sweaters and boots! Since Winter is just around the corner, I would pair this with our Faye Plus Size Top and an oversized sweater to top it off.  

All day Wednesday, November 11 til Thursday, November 12, our bottoms will be $25 or less! Post your look onInstagram or Facebook and tag us! 

xoxo, Morgan

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