10 Holiday Party Style Commandments Every Woman Should Follow:The SWAK Version

By:Rhonda Phelps

10 Holiday Party Style Commandments Every Woman Should Follow:The SWAK Version

Popsugar put out an article about their holiday style commandments.  Here's our take. Enjoy!

1. Thou Shalt Dare to Wear the Pants

Crushed Velvet Palazzo  Plus Size Pants

Swap your favorite party dress for some cute and comfortable pants, that everyone will be sure to notice.  Our Crushed Velvet Palazzo Plus Size Pants are the perfect "party pant." Comfy yet super chic! Pair the amethyst pair with a patent leather flat.

2. Thou Shalt Not Fear Plenty of Sparkle
Shine bright like a diamond!  Add some shine with these earrings and this phone case  (because nobody can put their phone down, including me), 

3. Thou Shalt Dust Off Your Summer Sandals
Since it's most likely freezing/snowing, pick a closed toe sandal.  Here's our pick! If you are the host of your little holiday soiree and don't have to leave your house, go for open toe (we love these). It's your party, you can wear what you want to! 

4. Thou Shalt Color Coordinate
Make a statement and rock one color head to toe! You could interpret this in many ways: all black (the easy way out) or pick a fun color! Here's my take: these shoes, our Stephanie Plus Size Dress in forest green, this bracelet, and this purse.  (all in forest and hunter green)
Stephanie Plus Size Dress
5. Thou Shalt ALways Carry a Coat
Be prepared! You may not think you will be spending time outside, but it's better to be safe than sorry! 

6. Thou Shalt "Treat Yo Self" While Getting Ready
Anybody who gets that reference is instantly my best friend, but Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle are right.  The holidays are stressful, so while you are getting ready, take a bubble bath, listen to your favorite playlist, play dress up and try on your favorite jewelry, spritz your favorite scent, and last but not least, try to relax.

7. Thou Shalt Make Use of Your Closet
Don't feel obligated to buy an entirely new outfit.  Pair your favorite SWAK outfit with an old favorite! I love to rediscover old trends from my closet, like my old jewelry or purses, that I will now wear religiously because they are back in style! 

8. Thou Shalt Keep It Cozy
 We like being comfortable and STYLISH! Don't wear anything that will make you feel uncomfortable.  We want you to feel confident! The saying "beauty is pain" doesn't have to be true! 
9. Thou Shalt Stick to Comfy Heels Only (or comfy flats!)
Don't spend a night stressing about your feet because most likely, you will be on your feet the whole night! Wear your most comfortable and cute heels or flats! When we say comfortable flats, we don't mean slippers or Uggs.

10.  Thou Shalt Take Your Chance to Stand Out From the Crowd
Whether its a bold maxi dress or your sparkliest accessories, this is the time of year to go big or go home. Get our Sequin Shawl! It's an extra layer and it will make you feel glamorous! 

Have fun and be safe! 


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