An app designed for the plus size community - ALLGO

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An app designed for the plus size community - ALLGO

We all use yelp. We use Yelp to check out the hottest restaurant in town, the new coffee shop down the street and look up the nightclub location for our sister’s birthday party. Have you ever went the extra mile and let’s say scoped out the parking situation at that hot restaurant? Have you checked to see what the most popular drink is at that new coffee shop? Maybe, looked up images of customers at that nightclub to get an idea of the dress code? We have!

Ok, now imagine that this concept is applied exclusively to the plus size community. Did the hairs just go up on the back of your neck? Ya, we know the feeling… its called excitement.

The second we heard about the app ALLGO, we knew we needed it in our lives. ALLGO supports the idea that “We should ALL be able to GO”. It is a yelp like environment that allows users to post reviews on locations that are plus size friendly. Image knowing beforehand whether or not the chairs at that restaurant have arms or not. Imagine knowing whether or not the aisles have appropriate distance between tables to navigate through. It’s these little things that you might not think of if you’re not in the plus size community.

This idea is long overdue. If you want to know more about the app as well as the founder of ALLGO, Rebecca Alexander, Click here.


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  • Rebecca Alexander

    Hey y’all!

    Thanks for publishing this piece. Someone from Guatemala just told me about it. Have you all noticed that 90% of my wardrobe is Igigi?

    I’d love to chat with one of you sometime.


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