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Style Beyond Size 22

by Amanda Williams November 22, 2016

I remember saying it to my husband "I'm a size 26; the last size Torrid carries is a 28." Feeling quite frustrated with my lack of options and the isolation this left me feeling, I decided that I would prove style goes beyond a size 22. When I say that, I want to be clear, it is not my intention to stay a certain weight to prove this. It is my intention while at this weight to still dress stylish and fashionable. I’m done “waiting” to lose those 10-20lbs before I buy a new pair of jeans. There’s this stupid cliche that there’s a certain size in which someone should “give up” trying to be fashionable. But I don’t buy it, I believe in my heart of hearts that fashion can make someone feel more confident. I believe that even if we’re not completely happy with our size if we dress up (however that might look), we will feel good about ourselves. I come from the philosophy that if you look good, you feel good and eventually this could lead to wanting to look better, hence feeling better.


Last week, I was included in a list of 12 well-known plus size bloggers who wear larger than a size 22, proving that style doesn’t stop at a size 22. Individually, we represent different shapes and styles but collectively we are proof that no matter what size you are, we are all worthy and deserving of fashion. The importance of this issue goes beyond style; I chose to wear SWAK Designs in this lookbook because I am proud to work for a company that caters to women past a size 4x. (You probably already knew this...) But this is a BIG deal in the plus size fashion industry. Not only does SWAK offer up to a size 36 or 6x but they also believe a 1x should be the same price as a 6x. Again, BIG DEAL! My hope in participating in this lookbook was to inspire other beautiful plus size woman to live life NOW, just the way they are. 


Amanda is wearing the Lois plus size Maxi Dress

Amanda is wearing the Reversible Plaid Poncho (it's sold out, here's a similar one), the Pretty plus size Cami in black and Holly High Waist plus size Jeans.

Outfit 1: Amanda is wearing Helen Hooded plus size Tunic and Black plus size leggings (it's sold out, here's a similar one).  Outfit 2: Amanda is wearing the Kristen plus size Dress and Ashley plus size Cardigan.  Outfit 3: Amanda is wearing the Annie plus size Top and California plus size Maxi Skirt


Want to view the entire lookbook by Marcy Cruz? View it here. And make sure you are following all of these beautiful and confident plus size bloggers for fashion inspiration.

Be Confidently Curvy, Amanda

Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams

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