Endless Ways To Wear

By:Mary D

Endless Ways To Wear

Endless possibilities- that's what plus size women want! Flexibility. Practicability. Versatility. The definition of versatility is "having many uses or applications." I know you've heard me say this word a lot but I can't help it, it's important to have versatile pieces in your wardrobe. At first glance, "versatile" pieces might look dull to you, their cleverness is actually in their simplicity. Without these simple pieces, you have nothing to wear with your more prominent pieces.  

SWAK carries two product types that are the ultimate in versatility. Our Eternity Maxi Plus Size Dress and our Eternity Wrap Cardigan. Our Eternity Wrap Cardigan is the most versatile plus size cardigan your closet has ever seen! Soft, lightweight and ready for an occasion. The perfect piece to travel with! Bring it with you on the plane as a wrap and a blanket, as a cowl neck cardigan out to dinner with the girls and as a sexy wrap top for a date! Does it get chilly at the office? This is the perfect piece to leave at the office for when the AC picks up. 

For those of you, who have been eyeing the eternity wrap pieces but fear your wrapping skills are subpar- I suggest you watch our Wrap 101 series. And in case you need a reminder of how versatile this piece really is Rayna recently did a refresh of 3 of the 8 wrap styles you can do.  

The "Karen" Style  -  An effortlessly chic, draped-neck wrap that can be belted for extra style.

The "Molly" Style  -  A classic ballet-style wrap with a side tie. Clean, polished and effortlessly elegant! 

The "Lilly" Style  -  A twisted cocoon style with front drapes that flatter your midsection and show off your curves. Perfect for a sexy "going out" look!  

Want to see the other 5 ways you can style this wrap plus size cardigan?! Click the image below and it will take you to the video gallery.

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