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How to Wear a Maxi Skirt in Winter

by Amanda Williams January 18, 2017 2 Comments

Don’t let the weather limit your fashion prowess.  This Midwest girl knows that there are certain elements when you can’t wear long anything (like in three feet of snow). Brr, right!? Often, the plus size maxi skirt is forgotten (until Spring and Summer, of course).  But I’m here to remind you that it can be a super stylish way to change up your Winter wardrobe. Think I am crazy for even suggesting it? That tundra is unforgiving – I know. When you follow these three tips, you’ll master how to be stylish and warm.  

Three Tips: 
  1. Layer up. Seriously…layer tanks, under tops, under sweaters, under jackets. It’s easier to take off a layer than to try and find one to throw on.
  2. Wear Leggings. Protect your legs from the harsh temp. Throw a pair of tights, leggings or even long johns under your maxi skirt to keep your stems warm. Don’t worry too much about matching the leggings to the skirt, as no one is going to see them.  
  3. Feet First. You need your toes. So naturally, wear a pair of snow boots or booties. The ankle-grazing skirt allows you to show off those cute boots or sneakers. 

Need more inspo? Check out my looks below. 

A Monochromatic Look

Amanda is wearing Lorena Wrap Cardigan ( Shop Here)  |    California Maxi Skirt ( Shop Here)  |    The Perfect Leggings ( Similar Here)   |    The Perfect Camisole ( Shop Here)

A Professional Look

Amanda is wearing Beverly Zipper Jacket ( Shop Here)  |  Pretty Flutter Top  ( Shop Here)  | California Maxi Skirt ( Shop Here)

A Sporty Look 

Amanda is wearing The Perfect Camisole ( Shop Here)  |  Karen Knit Top ( Shop Here)  |  California Maxi Skirt ( Shop Here

Have you ever tried wearing a maxi skirt in winter? Will you try now? How would you style your maxi skirt with boots? 

 Be Confidently Curvy, Amanda


Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams

2 Responses


February 09, 2017

Hi Melanie! Lady, you are brave!! I must admit I didn’t wear skirts and dresses all year long when I lived in the Midwest. But like you I never let the weather keep me from dressing cute. ** You’re so right about the leggings and long socks. What a great suggestion! Thanks beautiful! xoxo


January 18, 2017

I wear skirts and dresses all year long. I wear either capris or leggings if the weather gets really chilly in the Midwest. I find that you can wear legs under your skirts year round for those days that might be a little more breeze as well.
You can’t forget to add those longs socks to throw a little splash and cover the leggings or even long johns.

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