Amanda's Favorite Fall Looks

 Amanda's Picks for What to Wear

Like you, I dress for my mood. On casual days, (which is most days) I want to look nice but not too dressed up, so I stick with a pretty typical fashion formula: a plus size cardigan, a plus size top and plus size jeans. I think we all have our own version of a "fashion formula" and if you don't I encourage you to create one, having a fashion formula makes getting dressed in the morning quick and easy. I've been a big fan of SWAK Designs before I started working here because I know it's important to have functional, versatile and comfortable pieces in your closet. SWAK Designs sells plus size clothing that can be worn a couple of different ways which is great for your wardrobe and your wallet.

On the weekends I'm in recharge mode. I prefer to conserve my energy, outfits and makeup for when I have "real" plans. In fact, if you saw me on the weekends, you probably won't recognize me with no makeup, glasses and in my loungewear. My weekends are my catch up times- I adopt that “messy hair, don’t care” attitude. I believe there’s a way to look put together without putting a lot of energy into it. SWAK Designs has the most comfortable plus size loungewear like our leggings and jersey pants. My rule of thumb is never leave the house without mascara, eyebrows done and hair brushed. It’s all about balance.

I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed, especially when I am trying to make a good impression. I like to think that my style is classic, trendy and chic. I personally admire the fashion of Carrie Bradshaw, Audrey Hepburn, and Lauren Conrad. They elevate their outfits but styling them around a statement piece. Contrary to public opinion, statement pieces don’t have to be flashy. A statement piece is a piece that completes your outfit- in this case, the Beverly Zipper Jacket was my statement piece. A statement piece compliments and enhances your outfit. 

What are your everyday tips and tricks? Do you have a fashion formula? Share with us your favorite SWAK pieces to style! 

xoxo- Amanda 

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Renae Whitaker
Renae Whitaker

October 26, 2016

Love this outfit, I must it !! Professional Wear

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