Meet our Marketing Team- They make plus size fashion visible!


Meet our Marketing Team- They make plus size fashion visible!

SWAK Designs has been trailblazing the plus size fashion scene since 2007. They were one of the first companies to use real women in their campaigns. One of the first to offer clothing up to a size 36. And one of the first to promote some of the industry's most promising plus size models. Remember when these beauties modeled for SWAK? 


or maybe you remember when we did a sexy (and epic) denim shoot featuring Keith Webb, a member of the male revue- Men of the Strip getting cozy with two of our models?!?! (Who could forget?! If you have, the lookbooks here)

Well, our marketing team makes all of this happen. They are the brains behind the emails you receive, the social media campaigns you see, and the advertisements that tease. Meet the women who make plus size fashion visible. 


Meet Rayna our Marketing Manager

picture of Rayna

What do you do? I manage all email marketing, here at SWAK, as well as assist in managing social media. I also dabble in modeling...:) 

Where are you from? I was born and raised here in sunny Los Angeles, California. 

What's the one thing you can't live without? Other than my fur babies and my handsome husband..I refuse to live without the Pistachio Honey Ice Cream from the brand Private Selection. I will not live without it!

What do you do in your spare time? I'm blessed with a wonderfully large extended family. We spend lots of time together. Countless hours by the pool BBQ-ing under gorgeous California palm trees. I do my best to create my own paradise in life. I'm all about spreading #LightLoveAndPositivity. 

Describe your fashion style. I'm a jeans and tee shirt type of girl. Comfy and casual is my thing!! My typical outfit consists of a great pair of skinny jeans, a funky fitted tee and some cute sandals. 

If you were to give us one piece of fashion advice what would it be? Wear what you love! If it makes you feel good from the inside out, wear it! Don't worry about trends or what's cool this week in the fashion world. Ignore fashion rules...they don't exist. Live your life happy, comfortably: Mind, Body, Soul and Wardrobe!

Share with us your three favorite SWAK pieces. I pretty much live in the SWAK Perfect Camisole. The only time I'm not wearing one is when I'm in the shower, lol. The SWAK Sammy Skinny Jeans are definitely some of my favorite jeans ever- They have the perfect amount of sketch! Eternity Maxi Dress!! If you don't already own an Eternity Dress, YOU REALLY NEED TOO! The second I wrap myself in one of these beauties, I feel ultra glam! The Eternity Dress is a MUST HAVE for any wardrobe. 



Meet Marissa our Graphic Designer

What do you do? I do all graphics for website, emails, and social media. I also help update the website images. 

Where are you from? Born and raised in Los Angeles.

What's the one thing you can't live without? My family.

What was the biggest risk you ever took and what did you learn from it? The biggest risk I ever took was changing career choices from animal science/pre-vet to graphic design. With this, I changed schools from Cal Poly Pomona to The Art Institute of California-Hollywood. I learned my passion for animals is different from my love for graphic design. I had changed careers, due to the amount of emotional stress I was having dealing with sick animals. 

What do you do in your spare time? Besides spending time with my furbaby, boyfriend and family- I love to organize and binge watch my favorite TV shows!

What's your favorite part of working for SWAK? My favorite part about working at SWAK is getting exposed to many different food places I would never have tried on my own. I also enjoy my coworkers company, as well, because they always have a story to share. 

Describe your fashion style. I like to think my style varies. Some days I dress trendy and cute, other days I just wear what's clean and doesn't look crazy. Overall, I do think my style is a bit alternative, whether its trendy or lazy day, there's always an alternative style behind it. 

If you were to give us one piece of fashion advice what would it be? Don't be afraid to step our of your comfort zone sometimes. For example, if you like crop tops but you're scared to wear them, start off by layering it with a sheer top, maybe to run some errands. Work your way to wearing it by itself with shorts to a trip to the beach with your friends. Ease into trying new things at your own pace in fashion and life! 

Share with us your three favorite SWAK pieces. I love the Belinda Crop Top. You can wear it with a bra and not have the straps showing. Priscilla top is super cute and perfect to dress up or down. I also love the Celia pocket dress because who does't love a dress with pockets! 

Our marketing team makes plus size fashion visible! We're tearing back our curtain and introducing you to our team, because we know you want to be involved. SWAK Designs is a company that is led by plus size women for plus size women. Next week, we introduce you to our Operations Manager, Kristie (whom most of you will recognize)..but until then, did you meet our production team? Did you meet Amanda? If not, you'll wanna read all about the production team here, and Amanda here

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