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Outfits and Anecdotes - Swimsuit Cover-Ups

by Amanda Williams May 17, 2017

plus size swimsuit cover upAmanda is wearing our Parker Long Cardigan in Jade as a Swimsuit Cover-up. 

It’s that time of the year, again!! Summertime!!!! Most of us get excited for the warm sunny days and memorable nights. When we think of summer, we normally think of our time by the water. Although this can be a quite pleasant thought, some may also feel anxiety.  

I have struggled with this as well. Personally, I’ve never let my body insecurities keep me from swimming: I was on swim team, I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons, but that might be because I was a dolphin in my previous life. Hahaha. Seriously though, when I’m in the water I lose myself including my worries and doubts. Since I was a young child I’ve always been a one-piece kinda gal. There’s a certain security the one-piece has given me. Maybe because society told me that’s what I was supposed to wear. Maybe I just prefer them. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I wore my first bikini. Don’t start commending me; I did it for a blog post. Like legitimately, I put the bikini (or fatkini as some refer to it) and shot the picture at the end of my culd-a-sec. 20 ft. from my home. I dipped out and dipped right back in. Yes, I posted it on the internet but I wasn’t physically in public. Was it brave to post that picture on the internet? Maybe. It felt kinda brave to me.

But remember bravery can be defined in so many different ways. Maybe you’re someone who hasn’t worn a one piece in years and you’re considering it. That’s brave. Maybe you’re someone who always wanted to try a bikini or tankini and you bought your first one. That’s also brave. Maybe you’re someone who will still visit the water despite her hesitancy. Still very brave. We’re on our own individual journeys and those journeys should not be compared. Do what feels brave to you this summer. Wear what you want. And be bravely confident.

Shopping for a Swimsuit Cover-up?  Here are my top picks: 

Ellie Cardigan  -   Maggie Tank Dress  -   Celia Pocket Dress   -   Parker Long Cardigan  -   Jamie Cardigan  -   Darla Duster  -   Bailey Cardigan

  How will you be brave this summer?

Be Confidently Curvy, Amanda 


Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams

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