Playing Dress Up

By:Rayna Salcido Alvarez

Playing Dress Up

Kate Spade said it best "Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends." And I think for most of us Halloween feels like the perfect time to "play dress up." Just in case you're still trying to find a Halloween costume I thought I'd give you a couple of easy and affordable options.  

Bewitched- The witch costume is one of the most recognizable costumes known to man. We have a lot of black plus size dresses at SWAK but if I were you, I’d purchase the Brinn or Joyce Dress because LBD are essential to one’s wardrobe and can obviously be worn for other occasions. Double, double, toil and trouble. Accessory wise all you need to complete this look is a broom, black boots, a witch hat and fishnet tights. Mwhahaaha! 

Cat Girl- The cat costume is another well-known costume (probably made famous by Mean Girls). Meow. We think you could wear our Megan plus size dress in pink multi because it has that animal print like vibe. Accessory wise all you need is cat ears, black flats (or boots), black choker and if you want to be really authentic a cat tail. This Halloween let the claws come out.

BOOtiful Bride- Let's be honest our Eternity plus size Maxi Dress can be turned into a bunch of different costumes like: a toga, a white witch, a ghost, a mummy, or a bride. One of the easiest costumes you can create is a ghost bride! Accessory wise all you need is a nude/white flat, statement necklace, tiara and wedding veil. And you’re ready to say “I BOO!”   

70’s Chick- Our plus size Jasmine Dress is Austin Powers ready! Go, Go dance you're way back to the 70's. Accessory wise all you need is hoops, a headband and boots (which can all be found at your local thrift store). Yah! Baby, Yah!

Did you miss our Halloween lookbook? We came up with 10 more ideas to help you create your own costume. Make sure you shop the lookbook for ideas. 


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