Outfits and Anecdotes- Dress for Yourself

By:Mary D

Outfits and Anecdotes- Dress for Yourself


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Everyone has one. Everyone is entitled to one. Often, we put too much importance on other people’s opinions.  As a plus size fashion blogger, people share their opinions with me all the time. Typically, they give their opinions because I ask for it, but there are times when I will receive some unsolicited opinions like “EW…You’re wearing plaid.” Or “I wouldn’t wear this, it's not flattering.” I get it; I appreciate you feel safe sharing your opinion with me. When I read these things, it no longer hurts my feelings, because I value your engagement.  But it took me awhile to get to that place. A place where I was confident with my style.


The first couple years of being a blogger, I would go out and spend my hard-earned money on things I thought would A. Be trendy and B. Get me views. What ended up happening was, at the end of the day, I would spend all of my money on a couple of outfits, which I only ended up wearing once. So not only was I doing myself a disservice (and my wallet) but even more, I felt as if I wasn't completely honest with my readers. I believe in being authentic which means, I share not only the positive but also the real moments of my journey. So one day, I was looking at my messy closet, and I thought, “How do I have nothing to wear?!” Literally. It was jam packed full of things I wouldn’t usually wear. It was at that moment that I realized I needed to stop caring what other people thought. That I needed to buy outfits I liked. That I needed to dress to ease my morning routine. That I can’t let other people’s opinions change my mind.  

So I started over. For me, that meant I began investing in more classic pieces. I donated the pieces that were “one hit wonders,” and I started building a real adult wardrobe. Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. I’m all about making fashion easy and accessible. You shouldn’t stand in front of your closet for an hour every morning. (Ain’t nobody have time for that!) But if you are- I can help! Here are three steps I took to be able to tame my closet:



  1. Find, accept and embrace your style preferences. I accepted that I am attracted to the color black. It’s not because it slims me, or because I’m Goth. It’s because I find it very easy to style. When I am throwing on a black sweater, I know I have black boots to match and, therefore, it's effortless.


  2. Bulk up on staple pieces. Seriously, you can never have too many. Those pieces are the easiest to style on a whim. Half-awake in the morning? Quickly throw an outfit together when you have a staple white top, palazzos, and an accessory. My unbiased opinion? SWAK is the best for finding affordable staple pieces. ;)


  3. Purchase clothing that fits you today. I’ve wasted too many mornings standing in front of my closet digging through tops that were either too big or too small. An interaction like that can do a serious number on your self-confidence for the day. So stop doing it. Buy according to fit, not size.


This year, let’s ignore the opinions of others and dress for ourselves. This year, let’s invest in our success and our confidence. This year, let’s build an impressive wardrobe.


Be Confidently Curvy, Amanda 

  • Amanda

    Hi, Sky! Thanks for the compliment. I am so glad you’re using SWAK Designs to represent your best self. Have a lovely day beautiful!

  • sky

    Yes! Excellent advice.I really have been trying to do that with my wardrobe & SWAK definitely makes it easier.You look fab btw :)

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