♥ Rosie Rodriguez ♥ Wearhouse/Shipping Manager and over all MVP

Believe it or not we are already at the end of our "Who is SWAK Designs" Series. We are a small group, but boy, oh, boy are we mighty! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog series. We've received so many comments. If you have a comment or feedback leave it below!
Don't worry, we saved the best for last. Our SWAK MVP Rosie. 
(Wearing our Martha Pull over in Leopard)
Rosie is the most hands on with our garments. She helps manage the production process and once the item arrives Rosie is making sure that they all meet the SWAK high standard. She pulls, packs and ships every order with love and care.
(Wearing our Bonnie Maxi Dress)
Rosie always assists with all of our live sales and photoshoots. We 100% could not function as a company without this woman. Her tasks are really unlimited. She is always busy busy. Even in her home life as a wonderful momma of 5. 
(Wearing our Martha Pull over in Leopard)
Want to learn a little more about Rosie? We have you covered!
Fav color: Blue. Especially royal
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Favorite food spot? Panda Express in Chatsworth. Im getting fried rice, chow mein, spicy chicken and egg rolls.
Pretend I'm a Starbucks barista. What is your go order? Mocha frap no whip 
When you're not working, What are you doing? 
 As i said busy mom never stop working lol
Cooking, cleaning,  laundry taking the kids to soccer practice and weekend soccer games. On Sundays I'm at Church.
Hobbies? I need one lol
SWAK wouldn't be SWAK without Rosie. We are so lucky to have her on the team. 




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