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You’ve probably seen something similar to this in the magazines you read. Each month, my favorite fashion magazine features bloggers who, they claim, “Got It Right.” These ladies have some great style and I appreciate the effort they put in, including a plus size blogger in each roundup. However, I think it’s just as important to showcase you, the non-blogger- because fashion is for everyone.

This month’s style crushes are SWAK Designs customers that prove you can still look hot in the cold! There’s this misconception that fashion is for bloggers, movie stars and the Rachel Zoe’s of the world. But we believe fashion is for every shape, every size, everyone. Fashion doesn’t have to be glamorous or fancy. You don’t have to dress like Blair Waldorf or Carrie Bradshaw, every day, to be considered “fashionable.” Fashion is an expression of your style, your personality, your soul. There may be days when you’ll throw anything on just to get yourself out the door. And there may be days when you stand outside your closet staring at it, waiting for the perfect outfit to “jump” out at you. Every fashionista has those days, and yet they are still fashionable. Don’t convince yourself fashion is for the other guys or gals. You are fashionable. You can get it right. You just have to try. Fashion is all about perspective, and the most important perspective you can get is your own! Seriously, if you think you’re rocking that crop top or those leggings, you ARE rocking that crop top or those leggings!!! No one else’s perspective matters but your own.

As SWAK customers, you’re some of the most fashionable people we know and I believe (in my heart of hearts) that you want to see other people who look like you, in our clothing. So I’m introducing you to a new monthly series where I will highlight my SWAK Designs style crushes of the month. How do you get featured? Tag us on Instagram at @swakdesigns, #swakdesigns, and #myswakstyle. And remember, you ARE fashionable.


Be Confidently Curvy, Amanda

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Marian Anderberg
Marian Anderberg

December 07, 2016

Thanx for showing real women! Love it! No offence to the models – they are just so perfect and gorgeous. Sometimes I find it hard to picture me in the outfits. I like to see real women like me out and about at work or at play!

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