Rethink: The Maxi Skirt

By:Kristie Bentley

Rethink: The Maxi Skirt

Rethink the maxi skirt for fall. The eternal standard in casual chic basics proves to be effortlessly versatile. You're busy. You're on a budget. You need clothing you can wear more than one way. You need clothing you can wear for more than one season. I assure you, getting dressed in the morning doesn't have to be difficult. And you can wear "summer" clothes in fall. Take our Hope Hand painted plus size top and California plus size maxi skirt- they can be styled together to make a variety of different outfits. In fact, it's so easy we threw together three different looks with these two pieces. This isn't magic, just a little styling.   

Keep it Simple- Style the California plus size maxi skirt with the Hope Hand Painted plus size cold shoulder top, tights and black booties. Tip: Style outfit with dark tights and tuck in the top for a more defined waist. 


Laissez Flair- Add accent colors like the red shoes and red lip on our model. Tip: Untuck the top for a more relaxed look. If it's really chilly out switch tights for leggings. The more casual look can be styled with flats as well. 


Monolayering-  Okay...I might have invented that word, but I think you know what I'm talking about. This outfit is all grey but in different textures, prints, and shades. Tip: Layer for fall and winter. It will keep you warm and you'll look casually chic.  



No one said plus size fashion has to be hard or difficult. I get that it sounds simple (because it is), but when you're so used to styling items a certain way, it can be difficult to view them in a new light. And that's why you have ME- to remind you that you have options! That you can wear what you want into the fall. But most importantly that you are beautiful and totally worth it. 

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