Don't totally impromptu it, Boo!

By:Mayra Prado

Don't totally impromptu it, Boo!


I totally get it. We are a culture waiting for tomorrow. Leaving important things till the last minute. A nation of procrastinators. I'll admit, I do my best work under pressure. But as a plus size women, I don't get the same luxury as my skinny sisters when it comes to outfit creation. You know what I am talking about...we have to think/order our plus size costumes (or special occasion outfits, for that matter) at least 2-3 weeks before the event. So much prepping and so little time. So this year, the SWAK team "oranged" a Halloween plus size Lookbook to help inspire you. (Halloween makes me corny..I can't help it) and I split it up further because, as SWAK fans I know you'll find that some of these pieces have been on your wishlist, giving you ample reason to make the purchase.

Attending a Kid Friendly party?? Steal the show by dressing up as an iconic Disney characters. The kids will LOVE it AND YOU! You'll be the talk of the party. 

As the sassy Fiona from Shrek, all you need is our Lois plus size maxi dress, nude shoes, a fake tiara, necklace and ogre ears.  See?!?! We're keeping it simple. As the brave Elsa from Frozen, all you need is our eternity convertible duo plus size maxi dress, white shoes, white/silver necklace and a blonde braided wig. As the incredibly silly Minion from Despicable Me, all you need is our devon plus size dress, a yellow shirt, black booties, black mittens and a Minions winter cap. Not gonna use the Minions cap again!? Re-gift for your favorite little's birthday or ask Santa to bring it. 


Attending an Adult Halloween Party? Sex it up a bit with mature content and cult favorite characters. 

As the bad@$$ Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, all you need is our sharon plus size denim shorts, marie plus size top, boots, and utility belt. As the sexy tease Marilyn Monroe from Seven Year Itch, all you need is our classic v-neck plus size dress, white shoes, white clutch, white earrings and her iconic beauty mark. As the crazy Magenta of Rocky Horror Picture Show, all you need is our joyce plus size dress, fishnet tights, black booties and maid accessories. 


Going trick or treating with the kiddos? These costumes are best for walking those blocks because they'll keep you warm and they are comfortable. 

As the heroic Princess Leia of Star Wars, all you need is our eternity maxi convertible plus size dress, camille faux plus size wrap top, brown belt, brown boots, gold necklace and her iconic side buns. As the wicked Cruella Deville of 101 Dalmations, all you need is our ivy cold shoulder plus size body con, reversible plaid poncho, black boots, red gloves, chunky necklace and white/black wig. As the faithful Marge Simpson of the Simpsons, all you need is our valerie maxi dress, red necklace, red shoes and blue wig. simple! And as Sandy from Grease, all you need is our clarabelle multi wear plus size top, beverly zipper plus size jacket, sammy skinny plus size jeans, sandy wig and heels.  

Don't totally impromptu it boo! (I'm talking to you procrastinator) Use our inspo to create your costume - I bet you have at least one of these pieces in your closet or on  your wishlist! The best part is once you're done using it for Halloween you can still wear it to other occasions. 


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