Endless Possibilities

The Eternity Maxi Dress is a SWAK staple that we believe belongs in every woman’s closet. Not only because it is beyond stunning, but because it is the most functional and versatile item you will have in your wardrobe. The number of wrap possibilities are endless. You can wear this year after year and have everyone thinking you have a new dress every time. Talk about the savings!
Because there are an infinite number of ways you can wrap this dress, we can't show you all of them, but we can show you a few. Be sure to take a look  at our Wrap 101 page to see some style and wrap tips. 
Yes, this dress is uber glamorous, but she can also be dressed down. Imagine her in white with some cute summer sandals and a fun denim jacket. Or, instead of wrapping the panels around your bust to create a top for the dress, wear a different top and wrap the panels around your waist to create a maxi skirt. 
Regardless of the occasion or event, The eternity Maxi Dress really is the best option. Its easy, its fun and its affordable. Will you be wearing one to your next event?

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